time to break the

solo hustle-cycle,

don't worry... I've got the leadership & hiring programs you need to build the legacy you're after!

lead strong hires

+ give yourself a promotion

Dream to Team hiring program

My 1:1 consulting program is designed for women looking to make their first hire within the next year. I help you ready the heart & inner workings of your business so you can lead with purpose, generate profitability, and prepare your team for success. 

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joyful leader group coaching

This group coaching program is designed for business leaders who want to deepen their level of leadership and lean on a community of leaders who support and challenge them. This program consists of monthly group coaching sessions, recommended reading & book club, and quarterly 1-on-1 coaching with Kaylan!

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 leadership coaching

My private leadership coaching is built on partnership, helping you identify your unique strengths and flourish into your fullest leadership potential. I have a limited number of coaching spots available and fill them on an inquiry-by-inquiry basis - so reach out below and let's chat more about what you need in a coach!


meet kaylan

I wildly believe EVERY GOOD THING is in store for you - and I am passionate about playing matchmaker for you and your dream team.

Moving from solopreneur to team leader is daunting, but search no further for a vote of confidence.

I'm here to tell you, you can do it - and I'll walk you through it!

And I’m an accidental leader. (The first step is admitting it, amiright?)

Now, I’m a team building consultant and strategist, and I can’t wait to help you begin your team from a place of joy and confidence - rooted in your identity!

team building consultant for passion-driven women

Hey, I'm Kaylan!

let's be friends!

find out what we have in common.


Who's your favorite gilmore girl?




My favorite gilmore girl is...


Gotta love her spunk, drive & entrepreneurial spirit

what's your drink of choice?



chocolate milk

My drink of choice is...


I usually go for a "Rocket Fuel" at my local coffee shop (iced espresso!)

my downtime looks like...

pizza & gilmore girls!

Yeah, I don't watch anything else LOL!

- Mandi Holmes, She Can Coterie

Because of Kaylan I am better able to lead my company. She helped me align my strength and passion, step into the role of CEO & find JOY in my business again. 

- Kristen Achziger, Going Ultraviolet

While working with Kaylan, it was immediately so much easier to step into a leadership role in my business and ideas for future team hires began to spring to the surface! My "unqualified" mindset began to fall off. I feel refreshed and reenergized as a visionary CEO, empowered to map out new team roles, and can't wait until I make my first hire!

- Ali Cranmer, Simpler with Ali

Working as a leader with Kaylan gave me an inside look at what it meant to be a leader with passion and innovation. Kaylan not only helped me see my incredible and unique strengths, but she also opened my eyes to how I, too, have the power to be an innovative leader.

5 stars all around