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5 Reasons Leaders NEED Community

December 1, 2020

In today’s episode I tackle the 5 reasons leaders need community. A community is important within the workplace for employees, but it’s also important for leaders. You need to be able to relate to other leaders and people in the same position of authority or leadership. 

It is a vulnerable and lonely place sometimes as a leader. It’s hard to not be 100% transparent with anyone, especially other team members because that is a barrier as a leader that just can’t be crossed. You have to walk a fine line which can be very isolating. As a leader you need to be able to cultivate a lot of emotional intelligence and when you are a boss you aren’t engaging or invited to hang out with team members outside of work which can hurt and feel lonely.  

Our job as leaders is to make decisions, there is power and responsibility in that , that team members just can’t relate to. We as humans have to be able to purpose relationships where there aren’t boundaries. Having a community of leaders and peers will allow you to get encouragement and support. 

So here we go, the 5 reasons leaders need community!

#1 Iron Sharpens Iron

Sometimes we need people who aren’t going to tell us what we want to here, but that are  going to give  it to us straight. We need people to trust and see behind the scenes and be vulnerable with. A community of leaders will allow you to share how you feel when you mess up in front of other team members and they will relate to you.  We don’t always see our best selves in us, but other people can, and that’s why this community is so important! 

#2 You’ll Grow because You Have Immersed Yourself in a Diverse Group 

By doing this you are gaining insight and knowledge from many diverse perspectives. It’s encouraging to learn the paths other leaders have taken and the paths that are now available to you.  The advice your community members bring will help you narrow down the options that best suit you. It’s empowering to be challenged and stretched in different ways. This is how you will grow into the best leader you can be. 

#3 You are Only Accountable to Yourself 

At the end of the day, you are the only one who can truly hold YOU accountable. The easy route is not having to grow in leadership and this is done by not  immersing yourself in a community of fellow leaders. When you surround yourself with other leaders you start to foster discipline and accountability within yourself. By being a part of this community you are telling yourself and taking action towards being a better leader. By doing this you can communicate what you desire from your future self.  

#4 You are Surrounding Yourself With an Objective Peer Group 

Your fellow community members want the best for you but are also going to give it to you straight. They will help you create your awareness. This will allow you to start looking at relating for what it is, the objective truth. 

#5 Helps You to Refocus on the Positive 

Leaders by nature are always focused on growth and growth is always positive. Leaders are joyful people and they will help you refocus onto the positive. It’s not healthy to be a lonely isolated leader. You need this community to grow through you, for you to grow with them, and for all of you to learn and lean on one another. 

You start to find this community by starting small. Look for those people that you always engage with and ask them if they want to formalize this. Do they want to create a community together where you can mastermind and grow together. It can be simple and as you grow together add others to the community. You need at least one other person that you can lean on for leadership venting and advice and comfort. 

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