7 Leadership Predictions for 2021 - How Your Team Will Change


7 Leadership Predictions for 2021 – How Your Team Will Change

January 6, 2021

I’ve heard it said that 2020 didn’t catalyze changes that were never coming. Instead, 2020 accelerated the evolution that was already in store.

Accelerated growth hurts because we haven’t had time to become aware of the changes that need to be made, come to terms with it, pull together resources and energy required to make the evolution, and enact the process.

But waiting on humans to make changes? To get out of their comfort zone and evolve? Maybe 2020 knew we’d never get there without a PUSH.

In this week’s podcast episode we’re back from the holiday break and diving straight into some post-2020 leadership predictions and how your team dynamics will change going forward.

In this post-2020 world, VISION will be more important than ever – it will become the lifeblood of your team and the glue that binds them.

As a leader, you’ll also need to be prepared to handle distrust in new employees, to be able to quickly adapt to new technologies, flex your intuition to make decisions faster, and more.

Tune in via my link in bio to hear all 7 predictions on how leadership will need to evolve and what you can start doing now to keep up!

7 Leadership Predictions for 2021

  • Casting Vision will be the lifeblood of your small team. Work is no longer about metrics and a paycheck, people want to bring about societal change and experience personal development and growth. Your team is  tasked with using their time, energy, and expertise to your company that has a positive mission to benefit the world. Make your vision statement clear and BOLD. It should explain how the success of your company is going to change the world!
  • Prepare for Distrust. This year has been a crazy year regarding the conversations happening within the nation. There is a level of distrust and friction among members of society. Your employees will now internalize this level of distrust and will be very skeptical coming into your organization. Make sure your employees know they are safe at your company and they need to be shown how to establish trust amongst one another. 
  • Be able to quickly adapt to new technology
  • Learn how to intuitively make decisions FASTER
  • Tune in to learn all seven leadership predictions!

You guys have made it through this year and that is commendable! With all the new knowledge you have gained a leader during a pandemic, utilize it to help strengthen your business.

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