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Practicing Joy as a Discipline & Exercising Your Joy Joints with Abbie Mirata

March 9, 2021

I think we can all agree that the past year was a hard time that made it a struggle to find the joy in our day to day lives. Well today we are speaking with Abbie Mirata, a JOY coach, who is going to not only break down what joy is but also teach us how to cultivate more joy intentionally and exercise our joy diligently each day.


Abbie Mirata Belives that Joy and Happiness are Not the Same Thing

Happiness is a feeling, an emotion. Emotions are something that the majority of the time are controlled by outside circumstances. Joy is something that should be a daily habit in your life – a value system.

Abbie Mirata Shares Her Five Exercises to Strengthen Your Joy

  1. Cleanse – spending a week or two doing a detox of things, and sometimes people, that may be affecting our mindset and brain in a negative way. Digital detox, watching certain shows, listening to certain music, being around certain people – seeing what it is that we consume and how it triggers us and then evaluating how you feel after cleansing certain things from your life. Why do you do what you do and when are you doing it? See if certain behaviors or habits are worth bringing back into your life based on how they make you feel.  
  2. Stretch – Work on seeing the good in others. Looking past the bad behaviors and seeing them as a human. This will help you have better communication and engagement with those around you. 
  3. Group Workout – The act of giving and receiving help. It is not a sign of weakness but actually that of strength and courage. It also involves doing something that you live with those around you and continuing to plan these positive interactions.
  4. Lifting Weights – Learning to let the little things go so that things do not pile up and overload you to where you begin to snap at those around you, but also leaving space to carry a heavier load should it arise. 
  5. Balance – Determining what you are going to keep in your lifestyle so that you can find balance and live your life. You have created a new way of looking at the world.

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