Shifting from Hobbyist to CEO with Abbie Smith -


Shifting from Hobbyist to CEO with Abbie Smith

April 9, 2020

I’m incredibly excited to let you in on today’s episode as I dive deep into cultivating a CEO mentality with my friend and client Abbie Smith of Paragraph Branding House.

Abbie is a brand strategist and designer for intuitive humans. She is challenging, highly intellectual, and has a heart for humans and this world like no other. I’m so excited to share her with all of you today!

In this episode we dive into the ups and downs of her journey from solopreneur to CEO of her business!

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What did life and business feel like before you fully owned your role as CEO?

Abbie painted a beautiful picture of her growth and transformation through 2019 and into 2020.

Heading into the last year, she decided to stop looking at her job as a hobby and began confronting a lot of limiting beliefs about what she was doing and where she wanted her career to go.

She immediately saw massive growth in her business as soon as she did so – almost doubling her work in the process. “There was a lot more hustle,” she said. “A lot more work and a lot more staying up late. I was feeling that burnout – never able to work ON my business, just in the sludge of client work consistently.”

She knew she needed help, so she hired an intern. But, without a plan for how to best put that intern to work – the role was piecemealed and not as effective for operations and bottom line as it could have been.

So, going forward – Abbie knew she wanted to approach hiring in a new way.

How would you describe the leadership style you’ve grown into?

In the very first session of working with Joy to Lead, Abbie said that getting to the heart of her business and her core values as a human being and business owner was transformational.

She realized, in that session, that her leadership style is founded upon her desire for personal development and growth in herself and in her team members.

“I want you to be in this for you, not just for me,” she said. “I encourage personal growth. My leadership style is very much, ‘how can I help you be your own leader?'”

What else do we talk about in this episode?

We go in to all the ups and downs of her journey toward CEO, including:

  • Her experience in hiring an intern last summer and how that compares to her first strategic hiring experience coming up
  • How she’s shifted her mindset from hobbyist to CEO of her business
  • How she’s discovering and standing in her own unique style of leadership!

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