Growing Your Business Slow & Sustainably with Abby Herman

January 28, 2020

Those overnight successes you see on Instagram aren’t really overnight successes, as my guest Abby Herman can attest. And truth be told, overnight success isn’t really sustainable.

Today Abby Herman is sharing how she’s grown her business for almost a decade through slow, intentional and sustainable growth. 

Abby Herman

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What is your secret to creating a sustainable business?

Abby has been in business for over six years and as a single mom, she didn’t have a choice but to grow slow. She couldn’t afford to invest in hiring anyone, and in the beginning she bootstrapped her whole business.

It was frustrating, growing slowly while scrolling Instagram and seeing proclamations of six and seven-figure launches.

But, she discovered quickly, most of that isn’t real. When it comes down to profit, not just revenue, it’s a different story altogether.

There’s a lot of talk about what a successful business looks like, she says, and there’s not a lot of reality check.

“For almost seven years now there was a lot of blood, sweat and tears – a lot of tears,” she shares. “There are still times when I look back and I think is this really what I’m supposed to be doing? You know, my business is really growing, and I am really successful. 

Ultimately, she believes slow growth benefits people because you’re able to make mistakes without them financially ruining you. You’re able to learn things that I think you wouldn’t necessarily learn if you’re an overnight success, which isn’t a thing, by the way.

Her slow growth has trained her to be cautious, intentional and has allowed her to be agile and shift her business in ways she couldn’t if she had been growing faster.

What else do we talk about in this episode?

Abby Herman shares all the gold inside her business and doesn’t hold back her wisdom. We talk about:

  • How she’s pulling in support and outsourcing to help her grow slow and sustainably
  • The signs she read that clued her in on whether or not it was time to hire
  • How she’s made hiring decisions and brought contractors on to support her
  • Exactly how Abby has learned to redefine and rewrite her definition of success
  • How she built a sustainable business with a small social following

Connect with Abby Herman!

You can find Abby Herman at www.contentmasterylab.com, on Instagram at www.instagram.com/abbymherman and online at www.abbymherman.com  

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