Hey ya!

I'm Kaylan Thompson

i'm here to help you ditch desperate & plant joy in your business by leading team members you love

i went from team member to leader... accidentally.

then impostor syndrome set in and made me a sucky boss. But, the story doesn't end there.

Here's how it went down...

I went from content strategist one day to startup executive the next - without realizing it! It all started with a promotion I didn’t know was larger than I thought - and I woke up with an invitation to my first executive leadership team meeting the next day.

Every day after that, for six months, I struggled - wondering if I really deserved a voice at this table, feeling like a failure as I cultivated a marketing team, not knowing my voice, and not speaking up when I knew I should.

I had to grow in joy, discover my own purpose, and lean into my core strengths in order to become the leader I was always destined to be.

I’ve learned the core foundations each leader needs to cultivate a team around them that carries their vision into the future - and amplifies it! - and the exact process needed to slow down, hire intentionally, and craft a team who loves to follow you.

Here's what I've learned...

Your business is more than a money-maker

It’s a movement. A vote for a better tomorrow. And, a place for others with similar vision to join you and amplify the impact you make - together.

Moving from solopreneur to team leader is daunting. Who can you trust with your vision, your baby? And on top of that, can your team members trust you to lead them?

If you need a vote of confidence, I’ve got you covered. You can do this, and I’ll walk you through it.

If there’s one thing I love, it’s seeing women like you rise up and lead their army of world-changers.

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What I’m known for:

Believing EVERY GOOD THING for women and seeing the best that is yet to come

The MANY career paths I tried before this one. Can you say - news reporter/social media marketer/content strategist/marketing director?

Speaking up and out for CHANGE in our marketplace. I believe entrepreneurs will change the world for GOOD

Helping people SEE the beautiful reality to come and igniting the change needed to get there

"when joy is a habit, love is a reflex"

words i live by

— Bob Goff

My Timeline

where I've been


Starting my first business at the age of 11 - an in-home bookstore!


Ditched a degree in dietetics for creative writing (yeah, you can get a degree in that)


Graduated with no idea what to do with my life (because hello, creative writing degree)


First full-time gig as a news reporter and hated (almost) every second


Took an online job & rose to lead a team - all the while suffering from impostor complex and STRUGGLING


Discovered the world of online marketing and took an agency gig


Grew to find JOY in my strengths and unique VISION


I get to coach women all over the world to step into their STRENGTHS and LEAD teams with JOY!

number of transformed clients


number of leadership books consumed


number of voxes sent


cups of coffee per day


I'm a little crazy about...


is coffee not a dessert?


winter - so cuddly!




embarking on my 2nd year of motherhood


massive mug of coffee

tv show

gilmore girls, duh


iced coffee for dayz

favorite book

anything by the goddess brene


I'm a wannabe journaler - if that's even a word. I love the IDEA of journalling, but can't quite stick to it. Any tips??


My favorite way to unwind is with pizza on the sofa, Gilmore Girls on Netflix, and my teeny fam bam to snuggle with!


I LOVE coffee, in all its forms. Hot coffee, cold coffee, stale coffee, microwaved-for-the-fourth-time coffee, iced coffee, black coffee, coffee with cream,  coffee in my veins.

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