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Leadership Course for Entrepreneurs Building & Leading their Dream Teams

Are you ready to stop hiring and begin building your dream team?

Social media has turned hiring into a milestone, telling us that once we reach 5-6-7-figures we can have someone else do the work we don't want to do anymore. Instead of cultivating disciplined leaders who inspire others to do their best work, we're building a community of unsustainable businesses led by business owners with shiny object syndrome and micromanagement tendencies. 

But, this doesn't have to be you! Building your team is a momentous occasion, but it also requires a leveling up of your role outside of your comfort zone. You'll need to stretch, grow, wield your strengths, mitigate your weaknesses, stay out of tasks that belong to your team, learn to trust, become a coach, serve as a mentor, and so much more.

hiring is easy & glamorous - coaching, inspiring and leading is the real job

In every story on Instagram it seems another of your business peers has hired a stellar employee yet AGAIN. How do they do it? And do they feel as fish-out-of-water as you?

owning your own business is great... but Where's the handbook on building a team???

I put my executive & entrepreneurial leadership experience into a curriculum-based program to help you gain all of this and more - all alongside other leaders like you!

WALK IN YOUR LEADERSHIP STRENGTHS and understand your unique approach to leadership.

ATTRACT THE RIGHT TEAM MEMBERS by learning how to thrive through the selection & onboarding processes.

SEE YOUR TEAM MEMBERS THRIVE under your coaching & mentorship and WOW you with their performance.

GET THE CONFIDENCE to manage tough convos, give & receive feedback, leverage your strengths & mitigate your weaknesses.

Unlock your leadership style & learn to manage your team (and yourself) so your company can grow & thrive.

Meet the Joy to Lead® Leadership Academy

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the good news? you're destined to lead - all it takes is learning how!

Hiring should be an investment that produces dividend upon dividend as your hire grows with and leads your team. But, micromanaging & lack of vision sets you and your team up for failure and ultimately results in high turnover (aka, your investment turns into a COST). Every team can be a great team, with the right leadership at the helm.

the bad news? it's never your hire's fault. it's yours. You're the bottleneck...

Without confident leadership and clear vision you'll follow in the footsteps of many of your business owner friends (they just don't post stuff like this on good ol' IG) - you'll hire, micromanage, begin to resent your team member (which further decreases their performance and leeches their autonomy and innovation), then you'll let them go and hire anew....

I've seen it happen time and time again... another entrepreneur falls into the costly hiring spiral

don't lose money, time or passion by falling into the hiring trap

Discover your leadership philosophy, style and voice and how to cultivate JOY to serve as leader

Learn self-coaching techniques to help foster joy, awareness, discipline and self-development toward goals

Understand and leverage your strengths so you can find confidence in your approach to leading others

Identify your blind spots and learn how to mitigate (and hire for!) your weaknesses so you can stop being the bottleneck

Introduction to leadership


Create your company mission and vision statements to guide your leadership & team communication

Develop core values that your team will uphold and embody

Learn to create a company culture through fostering relationships & conversation

Learn how to communicate compelling, inspiring vision that motivates your team

teambuilding fundamentals


Learn the 5 developmental phases of your team & how to facilitate growth through each stage

Learn how to lead productive meetings, feedback sessions and tough conversations

Discover how to coach your team for performance, so you can ditch micromanaging

Understand your role as mentor vs. manager & learn techniques to balance the two

how to coach teams


Learn how to attract your dream team members with the right kind of job posting & application

Understand when and how to hire and fire a team member

Learn interviewing techniques and strategies to help you identify the right person for the job

Create a 90-day onboarding plan with appropriate KPIs for the role

Hiring, firing & onboarding

hiring strategies

Communication strategies for keeping virtual teams aligned, connected and informed

Connection ideas for after-hours team get-togethers and workshops

How to manage and lead virtual all-team and individual meetings

How to host in-person or virtual all-team retreats!

 managing virtual teams & More

management skills

more overviews >

inside the academy, you'll learn...

- Shaina Longstreet, website designer

The support that I've gained through the group program has just been beyond my wildest dreams. These women have become my comrades, my help, my supports. I'm just so grateful to be a part of it.

I'm now clear on what my role as CEO looks like, and I've been able to bring two people onto my team!

- Erin Alexander, agency owner & podcaster

... and learning how to become who I really envisioned myself as in the leadership role of my company. It's my favorite online space and I can't get enough!

When I joined the Academy I already had a team... and needed support in being the CEO, running an agency...

- Natahsa Hemmingway, sales coach & speaker

That’s exactly why I hired Kaylan. I am now the CEO who has hired a team member to help me strategically run the business… so that I can serve more people, impact more lives, and ultimately make more money.

Being an entrepreneur is one thing, but being the CEO of your company  is a totally different thing.

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Join the many women who are building their dream teams through the leadership academy.

step into your unique leadership style

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the leadership academy is the framework you need to build & lead your dream team!

Trade "doing it all" for a more concentrated, potent and focused role as the CEO of your business

Trade micromanaging and anxiety for trust in your team members to lead, innovate and perform

Trade avoiding tough conversations for productive coaching that propels your team members forward in performance

Trade hiring, firing and hiring again for hiring the right team members the first time around (and keeping them!)

You have to learn new skills to manage new levels of growth...

How much does the leadership academy cost?

join the academy today!


$975 USD

8+ journaling prompts + workbooks to deepen your leadership study

Access to previous group trainings + workshops

15+ team management templates resources

40+ online in-depth trainings

Joy to Lead® ACADEMY

- Allyssa Barnes, designer & developer

I'm learning that I can dream bigger. That I don't need to reel in my dreams and keep them small. Knowing that I am 100% capable of having a team to help me, means I can really think outside the box and dream big for my business in the future.

Having a community of people who are in the same place as me is powerful. It's so valuable having people who get it and can help support me.

- Cierra Tipton, mindset & energy coach

Now I have confidence to be the leader I know is inside of me and bring my crazy ideas to life. The discussions alone have already helped me step into the leader I am called to be.

Leadership was my biggest struggle, just having the confidence  that I know what I'm doing  and am in this business on purpose.

- Abbie Smith, designer & agency owner

This process has me thinking about the future much more, and this growing confidence has been looking at my business with a CEO mindset.

I KNOW I'm going to be so good at this!  I'm going to make a great leader, and I know  my team is going to be fun and engaged.

“How do I get my team members to step up? All I’m seeing is mediocre performance. I want to be WOW-ed…”

“I know I need to hire help, but I just don’t know what they’d do or how to find someone I trust…”

“I don’t know how to best utilize my team. It feels like we’re spinning our wheels and I’m flushing money down the drain every month…”

“I’m afraid my team will find out I have no idea what I’m doing…”

this is for you if you've ever thought...

- Kristen achziger, ethical sales copywriter

I felt overwhelmed as a solopreneur, and I'm losing my connection to passion and vision the longer I do this alone. I feel unstuck and set free from the lie that leading a team is selfish, and that's helping me cast a new vision for the future that I'm excited about.

I help entrepreneurs successfully step into their leadership role, understand their leadership style, and build their dream team so they scale their dream company. 

I’ve seen businesses struggle on all fronts and I saw it came down to two things - vision and leadership in equal measures. I’ve seen what happens when those two are out of balance. 

My mission is create research-founded curriculum and to coach with an open spirit so all Academy students step into their fullest leadership power and fulfill their vision for their business and their lives. 

kaylan thompson is a leadership coach for young entrepreneurial leaders

Meet your hostess!

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$975 USD

8+ journaling prompts + workbooks to deepen your leadership study

Access to previous group trainings + workshops

15+ team management templates resources

40+ online in-depth trainings

Joy to Lead® ACADEMY

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