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Owning a business is great - but where's the handbook on building a team?

In every story on Instagram it seems another of your business peers has hired a stellar employee yet AGAIN. How do they do it? And do they feel as fish-out-of-water as you?


Social media has turned hiring into a milestone, telling us that once we reach 5-6-7-figures we can have someone else do the work we don't want to do anymore. Instead of cultivating disciplined leaders who inspire others to do their best work, we're building a community of unsustainable businesses led by business owners with shiny object syndrome and micromanagement tendencies. 

but this doesn't have to be your story!

Building your team is a momentous occasion, but it also requires a leveling up of your role outside of your comfort zone. You'll need to stretch, grow, wield your strengths, mitigate your weaknesses, stay out of tasks that belong to your team, learn to trust, become a coach, serve as a mentor, and so much more.


Your team deserves more than winging it. They deserve the best you - the you who knows their leadership identity, strengths and style, who understands coaching + management techniques, who knows how to see the best in their team and make it reality.

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Module 1

The Foundations of Leadership

In this module you'll learn the concept of Leadership Philosophy and understand the components of your Leadership Style.

You'll craft your Leadership Mission Statement - your custom guide for showing up as the leader you crave to be. 

You'll Know:

→ Why you lead the way you do
→ How to define your own leadership style
→ Your mission as a leader

Module 2

Self Leadership & Self Coaching

The precursor to leadership is self-leadership. You can't coach others until you can coach and lead yourself.

It begins with self-awareness, observation, and practicing coaching techniques within your own mind and heart. 

You'll Learn: 

→ The components of healthy leadership
→ How to create a self-development plan
→ Casting vision for your growth

Module 3

Leveraging Your Strengths 

The most amazing part about who you are as a leader are your beautiful strengths that are gifts to yourself and your team.

As beautiful as they are, they come with their own "shadow sides" that manifest as weaknesses. You'll learn to identify and leverage these!

You'll learn: 

→ Strengths-Based Leadership
→ How to Leverage Your Strengths
→ How to Identify & Mitigate Weaknesses

Module 4

Crafting Leadership vision

Where there is no vision, the people perish. So says Proverbs, so say the Joy to Lead® Curriculum. 

A precursor to showing up as a leader is having a clear understanding of where you're headed and why you're heading there - aka, vision.

You'll learn:

→ Your vision for your team
→ How to craft your vision
→ How to communicate that vision in your team

Module 5

Team Dynamics & Development

How do teams grow? How do humans connect - with you and with each other?

How do you cultivate a healthy, thriving culture that becomes an ecosystem of community and safety and innovation? In this module, you'll learn how. 

You'll learn:

→ Healthy communication in teams
→ Creating a safe culture of belonging
→ Encouraging innovation + collaboration

Module 6

Coaching your team for performance

Showing up as a coach is the number one way to grow a strengths-focused and innovative team. 

Coaching is not just about patting team members on the back for a job well done, it's about learning their goals, seeking potential, and encouraging accountability.

You'll Learn:

→ How to host coaching sessions with your team
→ How to hold team members accountable
→ How to challenge team members to grow

Module 7

Results-focused management

Now we get into the juicy strategies for running a tight ship - managing a results-focused team!

In this module we'll cover practical, actionable ways to manage and track results while holding team members accountable to their responsibilities.

You'll learn:

→ Goal setting strategies for teams
→ Using the Objective + Key Result system
→ How to track and measure OKR's

Module 8

Meetings that move you forward

We've all experienced a meeting that simply should have been an email - and maybe we've even hosted one or two of them.

In this module we'll cover hosting effective team meetings, performance reviews, and team evaluations.

You'll Get:

→ Team Meeting Agenda Template
→ Team Performance Review Template
→ OKR After-Action Meeting Template

Module 9

Planning for organizational growth

Growing your team is one thing, but how do you handle the growing pains your business structure will experience?

In this module we'll cover the basics of organizational growth strategies and how to plan for the next season of your business. 

You'll learn: 

→ Basics of organizational growth strategy
→ Creating a plan to scale
→ Proactive versus reactive team growth

Module 10

Leading the hiring process

Hiring is one of the toughest but most rewarding seasons you'll experience in your business journey.

In this module we'll cover preparing for your next hire, creating job descriptions, crafting interview questions, and more. 

You'll get: 

→ Step-by-step hiring checklist
→ Job description and job posting templates
→ Interview questions 

Module 11

Onboarding & training your team

The hiring process is only 10% of setting your new team member, and your team, up for true success.

A great onboarding plan lasts 90-days at least, and in this module I walk you through every step of the way.

You'll get:

→ 90-day onboarding plan template
→ 3-part audio training 
→ How to onboard for a rich team culture

Module 12

Delegating & Trusting your team

You've hired, but how do you truly let go? Your greatest adventure awaits - handing over some of those big action items so you can pursue your next passion projects.

In this module, I'll walk you through delegation strategies and decision-making processes.

You'll learn:

→ Strategies for delegating well
→ Determining what you should work on next
→ Creating decision-making SOP's

BONUS module

self-care challenge for leaders

Whew. It's time to take a break - a well deserved one at that!

In this module you'll take a self-care assessment, set several goals to pursue in your self-care journey, and commit to a 30-day self-care challenge.

You deserve it. 

I want in!

the leadership academy has the leadership education you need to build & lead your dream team!

Trade "doing it all" for a more concentrated, potent and focused role as the CEO of your business

Trade micromanaging and anxiety for trust in your team members to lead, innovate and perform

Trade avoiding tough conversations for productive coaching that propels your team members forward in performance

Trade hiring, firing and hiring again for hiring the right team members the first time around (and keeping them!)

You have to learn new skills to manage new levels of growth...

templates & workbooks

You gain access to more than 15 templates and workbooks to help you lead and manage your team efficiently and effectively.

Video curriculum

Some of these trainings are hefty, some are lighter - all are potent. Don't be overwhelmed by the size of the curriculum - just take your time!

leadership coaching

Leadership Academy students have direct access to discounted 1-on-1 leadership coaching sessions, not offered elsewhere!

- Allyssa Barnes, designer & developer

I'm learning that I can dream bigger. That I don't need to reel in my dreams and keep them small. Knowing that I am 100% capable of having a team to help me, means I can really think outside the box and dream big for my business in the future.

Having a community of people who are in the same place as me is powerful. It's so valuable having people who get it and can help support me.

- Cierra Tipton, mindset & energy coach

Now I have confidence to be the leader I know is inside of me and bring my crazy ideas to life. The discussions alone have already helped me step into the leader I am called to be.

Leadership was my biggest struggle, just having the confidence  that I know what I'm doing  and am in this business on purpose.

- Abbie Smith, designer & agency owner

This process has me thinking about the future much more, and this growing confidence has been looking at my business with a CEO mindset.

I KNOW I'm going to be so good at this!  I'm going to make a great leader, and I know  my team is going to be fun and engaged.

start learning now!

pay-in-full and payment plan options

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  • 12 Modules of Leadership, Hiring & Team Management Curriculum with 40+ Video Trainings
  • Access to the Leader Resource Vault, with 15+ templates like Hiring Process Checklist, Team Meeting Agenda, Team Evaluations, Job Description Templates and More. 
  • 8 Workbooks with Journal Prompts

here's what you'll get when you join today:

Is this a course, membership or group program?

The Joy to Lead® Leadership Academy is currently a course with 12+ Modules, 30+ video trainings and over a dozen team management templates and workbooks.


The Leadership Academy is for entrepreneurs who are building their first team for their business. The course covers the basics of showing up as a leader and practicing basic management techniques. 

This course is NOT for you if you are a trained HR professional or a seasoned entrepreneur who has many years of team-building experience. 

This course IS FOR YOU if you are in your first few years of team leadership, want to learn how to hire and onboard well, are seeking proven management strategies to help you navigate team leadership, and want to simply become the best leader you can possibly be. 


While better late than never, the absolute best time to take this course is 6-12 months before you want to make your first or next hire. 

Growing as a leader doesn't happen over night, and getting ready to bring on a new team member shouldn't either. This course is in-depth, guiding you through many internal discoveries that are crucial building blocks for your leadership. 

I always tell every client - you'll never regret taking more time to prepare your leadership and your business for bringing on new team members, but you'll always regret rushing it. 


Maybe, but likely not. In fact, many Leadership Academy students come to the course with several team members already on their roster. 

A great gauge to help you determine if this is the best next step for you is to ask yourself a few questions:

  • Do I feel comfortable and confident in my leadership style - could I describe it?
  • Do I host effective team meetings, performance reviews and team evaluations?
  • Am I recruiting top talent through my hiring processes?
  • Do I host regular 1-on-1 coaching sessions with my team members, and are they making measurable progress toward their goals?
  • Do I feel isolated in leadership, wondering every day if I'm actually doing the right thing?

If your answers here are uncertain at best, the Leadership Academy may very well be your next best step. 


While 1-on-1 coaching is not included, I do offer discounted coaching sessions for Leadership Academy students. 

Inside the course, you'll find a link to an exclusive coaching session booking page if you find you'd like support and coaching.

However, this course has everything you need to learn and implement the leadership and team management techniques, mindsets and strategies that will help you build your dream team! 

You can do this!


Once you purchase, you'll receive an email to set up your account in Teachable. From there, you'll be able to log in to your student portal and access all modules and course content.

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