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Increasing Productivity by Syncing Your Cycle, Energy & Business Operations

April 7, 2020

I’m so excited because this episode of the Joy to Lead Podcast is going to blow your mind – like it did mine! My friend, Ali Cranmer, shares with us her secret weapon for avoiding burning out and using our unique energy cycles to master time management. The secret is cycle syncing, and it’s going to change your life!

Ali Cranmer is a body and business integrator and her mission is to help female entrepreneurs to break free from burnout and reclaim their intuitive powers by giving them the tools they need to align with the rhythm of their feminine energy. 

Listen to this Episode with Ali Cranmer Now!

The desire to learn more about how feminine cycles impact energy, motivation and productivity struck Ali a while back. She put the idea on the shelf because she thought others would think it was silly.

But, as often is the case, the idea kept revisiting her until one day she sat down and cranked out a 10-page business plan based on helping female entrepreneurs capture the power of their cycles. 

Of course, there’s much more to the story than that. Listen to the full episode to hear all about Ali’s journey that culminated with Luke’s, I mean, Ali’s Dark Day (shout out to my Gilmore Girls fans!). 

What is cycle syncing?  

Cycle syncing is using your menstrual cycle to discover your energetic rhythms and then aligning your actions with those rhythms. It helps us to identify our moods, feelings, and energy levels which ultimately helps us to plan and sort of predict the future instead of just waking up and being the subject to whatever energy is playing out in us that day. 

The typical work energy cycle of the day is based upon masculine energies, a 24-hour testosterone cycle. Men tend to have higher energy in the morning, and then go, go, go until they finally go to sleep. But women’s energy cycles are so much different. We operate on a balance of inward and outward energy. 

How does cycle syncing relate to business? 

When you begin to track your menstrual cycle, you’ll notice that there are times when you have more outward energy and times when you are more inward-focused. Scheduling business activities according to that energy cycle helps you to work with, not against, your natural flow.

When you’re feeling more active and creative, schedule that work that needs a lot of energy like presentations, speaking engagements, and tackling big projects. When you’re feeling a little more restful and introspective, plan activities that go along with that like tidying up administrative stuff or interactions that require a lot of deep listening. 

After tracking your cycle for a few months, you’ll identify trends that you can use to schedule these activities for the future months. You’ll get more done, and avoid burnout from pushing yourself to do things that aren’t aligned with your energy. 

There are four phases in a woman’s menstrual cycle:

  • Menstrual: This is your period. Day one of your cycle begins on the first day of your period. This phase can last 3-7 days. It’s a good time to rest, reflect, and do things like journaling. 
  • Follicular: This next phase can last for 5-7 days and is a good time to start planning and practice affirmations. 
  • Ovulation: This phase can last 5-7 days and begins our really energetic phases. It’s a good time to cultivate connections and live outside your comfort zone. This is the time when we are super energetic. 
  • Luteal: We begin to shift from an outward energy to an inward energy during this phase. It’s the longest phase lasting from 10-14 days. It can be a frustrating time because we’re coming off of that super high energy of the ovulation phase and we want to keep going. I use this time to tidy up my business, clear out my Asana, and tie up loose ends. 

If you’re into tracking the phases of the moon, it’s interesting to note that our cycles closely follow the moon phases. The correlation is menstrual/new moon, follicular/waxing, ovulation/full, luteal/waning. 

How can we track our cycles?  

The first step is to slow down and really listen to your body. You’ll need to practice self-awareness by slowing down and spending a few minutes throughout each day checking in with your body and listening to how you feel. It’s important to track daily. After you’ve tracked a few months you won’t have to write down things daily. 

Ali has developed The Flow Tracker which is a 45+ page energy tracking journal and spreadsheet that really takes the guesswork out of cycle tracking for you! You can download this tool free from Ali’s website. It helps you to see the big picture after you’ve tracked a few cycles so that you can start making small shifts to align with your energy. – and The Flow Tracker guides you through the whole process! 

Ali also suggests using an app to track and anticipate your cycle phases. A few of her favorites (and my faves) are linked below!

Resources Mentioned in this Episode

Download Ali’s Free Flow Tracker Here!

Check out my favorite fertility & cycle tracker, Natural Cycles

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