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Using Masterminds to Uplevel Your Business with Amanda Lairsey

March 5, 2020

Hello friends! I’ve got a BONUS episode of the Joy to Lead Podcast to share with you. It’s an exclusive conversation with Amanda Lairsey. Not only is she the CEO of Rise Contractors and Founder of Society of Women Business Owners (SOWBE), but she is someone that I admire so much and consider a mentor and friend. 

As many of us entrepreneurs do, Amanda felt isolated in the beginning stages of her business because no one seemed to “understand her crazy.” You know, when no one else seems to get your vision or share your yearning for something more out of life? She felt a shift in her spirit to be more and do more in the world in her late twenties, while all her friends were feeling content. So Amanda saught out to find other likeminded women. 

She never dreamed that this would be the beginning of SOWBO! She started a group on Meetup that met once a month at the local Whole Foods. Though she originally planned to discuss different topics such as marketing and finance, each week’s discussion led to sharing business dreams and visions. The group went with the flow and allowed the meeting to turn into an inspiring mastermind!

Amanda Lairsey

Listen to the episode now!

I asked Amanda to share with us the value of masterminds, what they are exactly, and what are some common misconceptions about masterminds. Here’s what she had to say. 

What’s the tie between community and business?

I think it’s vital to have a community when you’re a business owner, whether your male or female. I even spoke with Madison Bailey Anaya of the Fearless Chase Podcast all about how to use community to prevent burnout as well in a previous episode, too! It’s so important.

If you’re a dreamer, or even if you’re a do-er, and you isolate while hustling and trying to make this thing work–it will kill your dream. Surround yourself with other entrepreneurs that inspire you. Those who remind you that you have something more profound and a bigger vision playing for your life. 

We leave our 9 to 5 jobs with this idea that we can have flexible schedules, but end up working more! Suddenly, you’re wearing all the hats, and there’s no clocking out. Being in a community of other business owners helps you to maintain balance. And there’s real value in knowing you’re all going through this together. 

What’s a mastermind, and why is it important? 

Whether it’s a paid mastermind or something you pull together, it’s simply a group of five or 6 business owners who get together and create a safe space for sharing the journey together. You talk about the struggles, the wins, the balance. Everything in your life that goes along with that business. As a close-knit community, everyone can be vulnerable and put their stuff out on the table. Money, marriage, dreams, secrets…it’s all up for discussion, and no one will be judged. 

Masterminds are important for sharing ideas and experiences. If you’re having a challenge with getting more clients, I can share with you what I did that worked. Someone else can tell you what worked for them. And now you’ve got real, actionable solutions to your problem. 

What are some misconceptions about masterminds?

Here’s what masterminds are NOT. 

  1. They are NOT just for seasoned executives. I encourage masterminds for women at every level of business. Even if you’re a dreamer who hasn’t started your business. Get to a mastermind and build your community. We’re all familiar with masterminds, we just call them different things: accountability groups, bible study groups, men’s breakfasts, life groups. 
  2. They DO NOT need to meet every week. Another misconception is the length of time. My schedule doesn’t allow me to meet once a week. And that’s OK. My mastermind meets once a month. If you can’t find a mastermind that fits your schedule, create one! 
  3. They DON’T need to be structured or super strict. A mastermind doesn’t need to be structured and rigid, requiring members to share three results each time they meet. Those groups do exist and are fine for some people. But it’s not necessary. The only thing that’s required is a few people with a shared desire to dream and share the journey together!

What else do we talk about in this episode?

Can you believe I gave up all the goods in this post! You’ll still love listening to this episode while you’re on the treadmill or running errands. Amanda and I are both really passionate about masterminds and feel they are essential for business owners. 

Amanda is hosting an exciting spring retreat that you’re going to want to check out. You’ll spend 3 nights and 4 days on the Florida Panhandle at a beach resort with other high achievers. It’s a time to discuss what really matters in your business, and sessions are customized to your needs. It’s from April 3-6, 2020, and you can find out more about it here.

I can personally attest to the value of these retreats, as I attended the one in Gatlinburg last fall. You’ll learn why Amanda’s one on one sessions are legendary. She is so good at jumping into your dream with you and helping you build a clear strategy. Since attending that retreat, my business has quadrupled because I now have actual sales strategies in place. I highly encourage you to attend!

How to follow Amanda Lairsey and SOWBO:

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