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How to Fill Your Cup and Prevent Leader Burnout with Amber Zaricor of the Fill Your Cup Conference

June 28, 2022

As leaders and business owners – and, well, humans – most of us will experience burnout at some point in our lives and careers. Leadership burnout is increasingly common, and entrepreneur burnout is coming in a close second.

In fact, studies have shown that in 2022 nearly 60% of leaders say they feel drained and emptied by the end of the day – heavily indicating burnout. And, in another study entrepreneurs on average said they experienced some level of burnout at some point in their careers. Over a quarter of them said they experienced moderate burnout and 3% said it was severe.

Most burnout symptoms and causes go undetected, which is why it runs rampant for leaders of small teams, owners of small businesses, and entrepreneurs. I love how Michael Gungor speaks about leader burnout, saying, “Burnout is what happens when you try to avoid being human for too long.”

Leadership burnout and hustle culture are not a badge of honor, they are signs we need to slow down and fill up our cups.

This is why I am so excited to introduce you to the founder of the Fill Your Cup Conference, Amber Zaricor. She is also the lead designer and owner of Copperheart Creative and the founder and speaker behind the Small Business Big Heart Podcast.

About Amber Zaricor and the Fill Your Cup Conference

As an Enneagram 2w3, Amber believes in building deep relationships, living intentionally, and doing everything with her whole heart.

“Heart” is an ongoing theme throughout Amber’s life—something she weaves into every interaction and life decision. Amber thrives by creating a safe, inclusive community for women to chase their big, scary dreams. She does this by hosting a weekly Wine Night in her home and the Fill Your Cup Conference. 

In this episode we explore the importance and practicalities of filling your cup as a leader, how to heal from burnout, and ways to encourage your team to fill their cup. This conversation was as uplifting as it was timely. I know it’s a conversation many of us are needing right now and will come back to again and again. So grab your favorite journal and a glass of wine or coffee and let’s begin.  

Practical ways to fill your cup and prevent leader burnout

Amber encourages leaders to do three things along your fill-your-cup journey, inviting yourself, inviting others, and inviting God.

Inviting yourself to heal and avoid leader burnout

You are the common denominator, your lifelong resource, and your greatest asset. Healing from burnout and filling your cup as a leader and human begins with awareness and intention. Amber says some great ways to fill your own cup can look like quiet time, routine, walking, meditation, and constant self check-ins.

Letting others help fill your cup

Amber says we should all have a team of five core people there to help us fill our cup. They are a coach, mentor, therapist, friend, and cheerleader. These five people will remind you of your purpose, strengths, and goals along your journey.

Inviting God to fill your cup

“If we are exhausted or we are letting fear and anxiety creep in, it means that we are keeping our eyes on ourselves and what hasn’t happened yet,” Amber says. “And when we do this, we aren’t looking to Him for our answers or solutions anymore.”

For leaders, Amber says there is no good we can do if we are running on an empty cup. The best thing we can do is to fill our cup. Then, we can give and love and serve the best that we can.

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