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Building an Agency & Balancing Life as a Mom & CEO with Ashlyn Carter

April 21, 2020

Today I’m interviewing someone I’ve been following for years now, Ashlyn Carter, and I’m really excited to share our conversation with you today.

I talk with Ashlyn all about how she’s built her copywriting agency, how she’s trained her team, how she structures her workdays and routines now that she’s a CEO and a mom, and so much more!

If you’re new to Ashlyn Carter, she’s a conversion copywriter who has worked with several creatives we all know and love like Jenna Kutcher, Julie Soloman, Hilary Rushford, Lara Casey, and more. She is a wise business owner and truly inspiring creative!

Listen to the episode now!

How did she begin her entrepreneurial journey?

Ashlyn Carter now leads her business as an agency and curriculum resource for creatives, and she believes not knowing what to say shouldn’t hold you back from making sales. 

Four years ago she began her journey in entrepreneurship, leaving a corporate position she loved. Addicted to the glamour, speed and hustle, she found herself hospitalized and had a wake up call.

She decided to leave her job after a friend introduced her to the online space. 

“Once I got a taste of the world and saw it was possible, I knew that’s what I wanted to do,” she said. “If there’s any success I’ve seen in my business it’s because I didn’t want to build a business like any I’ve seen out there.”

Now, she’s shifted her mindset from hustle-focused to balance

We often find ourselves leaving 9-5 jobs for work-life balance, but we end up hustling more as an entrepreneur than ever before. The same was true for Ashlyn.

“I know what will happen if I go off the deep end again,” she said. “The Lord truly redeemed me from the pit of death. I don’t want to go there again. I know how to Ashlyn-proof my business. When it’s off-time, it’s off-time.”

She’s learned to ride out her energy ebbs and flows, especially now that she’s a mom. 

She thought in the beginning she had to establish strict structures, but she’s learned to balance energy, effort and time to work for her.

(For more conversation on how to manage your time by tracking your energy, be sure to go back and check out my interview with Ali Cranmer!)

“You get a little taste of this entrepreneurial world and there’s no one there to stop you,” Ashlyn said. “There’s no one there to tell you when to quit. There’s no one there to give you a permission slip that you have reached a certain level, and that is very difficult. That’s why becoming an entrepreneur is the most interesting psychological experiement you could ever perform on yourself because you’re always trying to figure out where are your limits and when you need to pause.”

How has Ashlyn employed strategic hires as she scaled?

Ashlyn never imagined she’d hire and lead a team, always thinking it was for ‘the big girls.’ When people would talk about hiring and outsourcing, she never gave it a thought. She always wrote it off as out of reach. 

“There is a complete lie that says, ‘outsource what you’re not good at,’ but at the CEO of my business there are some things I’ve just got to figure out,” she said. “You have to know enough to be dangerous about a lot of things as the CEO of your business. But you’ll get to a point where you know enough to be dangerous but you can hand off to someone who is a lower-biller with a lower billable rate.”

Her biggest challenge in hiring, she said, was trusting others to have autonomy in her business.

“They’re gonna mess up, and you’ve gotta be okay with it,” she said. “Think, have you ever took on a job for someone and you didn’t mess up? Swallow the pill, put on the big girl pants and deal with it, because it’s fine. Just realizing that people have to learn, so you have to bake in timing to train. That is an investment that is going to save you money in the end.”

What else do we talk about in this episode?

We also talk all about how Ashlyn…

  • Built her agency of copywriters and trained writers up under her
  • Structured onboarding for her agency team members
  • Recommends communicating about your team with your clients when building an agency model
  • Encourages a spirit of entrepreneurship in her team members
  • Encourages her team to solve problems and innovate in her business
  • And, of course, soooo much more! Honestly, it’s all GOLD.

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