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Entrepreneurship vs. Being CEO

June 30, 2020

The problem with entrepreneurship… No one tells us how to build a company. How to grow a team. How to BE CEO.

Ever heard of the phrase “small potatoes?” This is a phrase I started using to describe my own mindset several months ago. Now, I’m playing big potatoes (trust me, it’s catchy). Too many of us are playing small potatoes and don’t even know it. And it’s because we aren’t functioning as true CEOs.

I use the term CEO a ton, and I know its an overused and almost cliche term in our online space these days, so let’s chat about what it ACTUALLY MEANS:

As CEO, your responsibility is to ensure the sustainable growth of your organization.

The problem with being an entrepreneur is that we’re winging it – piecemealing growth with different courses and podcasts and the occasional book.

The problem with entrepreneurship is that we’ve coddled ourselves into thinking we’re building empires but REALLY… we’re just building a new 9-5 for ourselves.

I want you to disrupt that trajectory for yourself and begin learning how to structure an organization from the ground up. I want you to think, act and lead like a CEO.

I want you to prepare your leadership now for the team that’s coming – and coming quickly. Because when you get the building blocks in order, growth comes. And when growth comes, so does your team.

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