Behind the Scenes of My Business Retreat -


Behind the Scenes of My Business Retreat

September 8, 2020

In today’s episode I dive into my experience during my first ever self-guided business retreat that I went on with my business bestie, Emelie Sanders of Unpopd.

I’ll discuss what helped me squelch overwhelm heading into the retreat as well as steps you can take to create your own successful getaway!

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An Overview of my Business Retreat Itinerary

Coming into the retreat, Emelie and I did an affirmation exercise. We painted a picture of our desired futures and wrote affirmative statements on post-it notes we then put up all around the house!

This immediatley shifted the energy in the room and our mindsets for the retreat.

We discovered that the key for us to achieve our business goals was to begin simplifying and narrowing down our current marketing channels.

It is important to know what you want from your team and what you want from your company in order for you to be an effective leader and achieve your goals!

What else do we talk about in this episode?

I also provide some tips for you guys when planning your own business retreats. and what to ask yourself when planning out your goals.

It’s important to start with questions you need clarity on when establishing your retreat agenda, so you can achieve the maximum amount of clarity and relief after the retreat!

  • Asking yourselves important questions like:
  • What direction do I want my business going in?
  • How can I simplify my current business plan?
  • How do I plan everything out?

Starting by answering these questions will allow you to get a clear understanding of the next steps it takes to achieve the success you desire!

Tell me about your retreat!

Head over to Instagram and tell me all about your next retreat. I’m excited to hear your goals, what you’re planning and where you’re going!

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