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Taking a Fresh, Honest Look at Motherhood and Business with Caroline Sumlin

April 20, 2021

If you’re a parent, have you ever felt out of place in this entrepreneurial space? Have you felt the tug of that infamous guilt that sits at the crossroads of parenthood and business? If you’ve ever felt out of place, like you struggle to relate to the typically entrepreneurial journey, this week’s podcast episode was recorded just for you. Today on the Joy to Lead Podcast we are speaking with Caroline Sumlin who is flipping the narrative around motherhood and business by showing us how business and motherhood can work together symbiotically, rather than pushing against each other.


Caroline Sumlin is Redefining the Narrative on Motherhood and Business

The entrepreneurial space projects a consistent picture of what reality is supposed to look like for women in business. 

If you’re a parent with a business, you’ve likely felt it – act as if you don’t have kids when in your business, and act as if you don’t have a business when you’re with your kids. Burn the midnight oil. Obliterate self-care boundaries in lieu of hustle culture.

Turning this narrative on its head, Caroline boldly projects, “NOPE, there will be times I will have to say ‘Excuse me I need to take this call.’ or ‘ My kid is sick and I’m going to have to go and pick them up.’  I am going to have to reshift my priorities  because my calling in the home will always come first.” 

Caroline says redefining the narrative means having the boldness to say that we do things differently. It doesn’t mean that in order to be a good parent you neglect all other responsibilities or pursuits. Rather,the order in which we prioritize our lives, our motherhood mission is first in our hearts.

Caroline Sumlin Shares How to Make Motherhood and Business Coexist

In this episode, Caroline shares her best practices for thriving as a mother in business – not by sacrificing in either space, but restructuring the way we function so we can thrive in both.

  1. Create your family’s routine based off of your child(ren)’s rhythms and routines first.
  2. Determine the season of motherhood you are in and be cognizant of the context of your reality.
  3. Determine what you need to do to make sure that the needs of your children are being met whether that is coming from you or a care provider.
  4. Determine what your business routine looks like after taking a look at your family’s routine and schedule your work and meetings from there

Pay attention to their rhythms and then pair your tasks accordingly. Based from that you can determine if you need to hire help, have your spouse step in or make shifts in your routine. 

You can Boldly Exist in Both Business and Motherhood

Working in your business is part of discipleship with your children. Your children are seeing you live out your calling and learning how to do that well. You are showing them what discipline looks like and training them to make a difference in the world and live out their own calling as they get older.

Connect with Carolin Sumlin

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/carolinejsumlin/

Website: https://www.carolinejsumlin.com/heyfriends/

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