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Mastering Your Mindset with Cassie Gudmundson

May 11, 2021

Have you ever just felt… stuck? In business, in growth, in life? Today on the Joy to Lead Podcast, designer and mindset coach Cassie Gudmundson shares how our limiting beliefs may be holding us back in ways we might not realize. 

Cassie is an expert when it comes to looking inward, confronting uncomfortable limiting beliefs, and rising up to achieve next level goals. Working with Cassie will cause you to have many breakthroughs due to her wisdom and guidance.

In this episode, Cassie shares how to fully show up and scale our businesses with aligned action and momentum as we chat all things mindset mastery, unlocking those pesky limiting beliefs, and digging into what next level growth means at its core.

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To Master Mindset, First Define It

According to Cassie Gudmundson your mindset is the compilation of core beliefs and stories we live our lives by – usually unknowingly. It’s composed of the perceptions, thoughts and feelings our subconscious brains label as true.

Those beliefs make their way into our businesses and every aspect of our lives – they affect every part of the way we show up, react and act. Our mindset – at its core – is shaped by our desires for purpose and the truths we create from our pursuit of it.

Take Ownership to Fix Your Mindset

In this episode Cassie and I discussed how “mindset work” is often taken advantage of. Working on your mindset doesn’t mean that if you “think better thoughts” your struggles go away. 

Rather, Cassie reminds us that we are humans immersed in a human experience. Mindset work doesn’t remove our challenges, but increases our capacity to navigate, withstand and overcome them with greater and greater ease and agility.

You can still have a solid mindset while experiencing hard situations and growing pains.

Mastering Your Mindset and Taking Action

  1. Recognition: Get into the habit of noticing your beliefs by questioning your thoughts, actions, feelings and reactions. As you’re going through your life and business, you will find yourself saying certain things like, “It can’t work that way’”, or “I have to do this to get this”. Where did you learn that? Why do you believe that? Is that really true? 
  2. Alignment: You get to realign yourself into a belief that feels better, more true, and expansive to you. You get to decide what you are going to believe and what your core mindsets and beliefs are that you can shift into on a deep level.
  3. Aligned Action: Your mindset won’t really do anything if you’re not taking aligned action in those new beliefs. Alignment looks different for everybody and is like a muscle you have to do over and over again. Alignment is getting closer to your soul truth, allowing you to get closer to beliefs that feel abundant, and expansive.

“I feel like our beliefs and our mindset are so connected to our body. And if we would just slow down a little bit and start to just notice how our body feels in a lot of situations, that would give us a lot of guidance.” – Cassie Gudmundson

Connect with Cassie

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cassiegudmundson/

Website: https://reuxdesignco.com/

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