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Clarity + Risk x Vision = Team Growth

December 15, 2020

Clarity + Risk x Vision = Team Growth. This formula is the key to furthering your team’s development. 

In today’s episode I’ll be breaking down each component of this formula. By following these tips, you will get so much closer to cultivating the team or your dreams. 

So, lets start of by answering the main question, what do great teams need in order to develop their full potential? 

  1. Vision which creates alignment of action.
  2. Clarity which begets confidence.
  3. Risk which means knowing what’s promised when you succeed and at the same time, knowing and feeling what’s at stake if you fail. 


Vision is built through these two main components:

  1. Culture

Culture is defined through relationships which are built on conversations and shared experiences. Your culture begins with you, and is integrated through your conversations and shared experiences with your team members. You can create those shared experiences by learning together, reading books together, and having a digital coffee breaks once a week. 

  1. Communication

Communication disseminates informational resources and at the same time produces bonding. Clear lines of communication must be drawn, which should be done as apart of the onboarding process. By increasing lines of communication amongst team members, you are increasing lines of responsibility between them as well. 

You can promote healthy communication of your team in a multitude of ways. For example, adding 10 minutes to team meetings just for check ins makes team members more comfortable to talk to you as their leader. Another way you can foster healthy communication is by having brainstorming sessions with your team.  This allows people to think creatively without fear of judgement. Brainstorming will fast track individual growth and get your team straight to collaboration.


Creating clarity is done during onboarding by setting your team up for success from the beginning. Make sure your team  understands their role. This can be accomplished by having a 90 day onboarding plan. Outline everything they need to know about your missions and goals and make sure they know they are a valued part of the team.  

Clarity is simply proactive communication. Strive to be as clear as possible with your team members. Host regular one on one feedback sessions.  Make them aware of what you think of them and let them tell you what they think of you. Then, host coaching sessions.  Here, you need to ask questions. Let them create a personal growth plan that they can hold themselves accountable to


Risk is knowing what’s at stake if you fail and what’s promised if you succeed. There are many ways to create a healthy sense of risk amongst you and your team members. The first, is your team members need to know your purpose. Share your vision and mission often so it becomes ingrained in their mindset. Second, ask your team to come to you with solutions, not just questions. Be the iron that sharpens their iron, not their crutch! 

Third, keep notes of their growth plan and ask them how they want to stay accountable. 

Consequences are not a bad thing! Sharing what happens as a result of their actions with your team let’s them see the results of their work and what impact that has on the team. You need your team to understand that positive results produce celebration and that negative results produce questions. 

There it is, we broke down this magic formula: Clarity + Risk x Vision = Team Growth! Your team and you are ready to take the steps needed to promote and foster growth!

I’m going to leave you guys today with this amazing anonymous quote, “Your job as a leader is to give responsibility, not take responsibility.”  

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I'm Kaylan, leadership educator, podcaster & speaker

What are you searching for?

Reading suggestions

Crafting a 90-Day Onboarding Plan

Job Postings that Attract Top Talent

Mapping Your Leadership Style