1-on-1 leadership coaching


Unlock your deepest level of leadership so you can show up with confidence for your team, make wise decisions, and help your team flourish!


The team of your dreams deserves the leader of theirs

like you've been showing up in a haze of anxiety, worry, and fear that you're doing everything wrong?

do you feel...

ready to tap into the strong and confident leadership you KNOW is within you?

are you...

to see your team members flourish in their strengths because of your coaching?

do you want...

Unlock the vision for your leadership &  identify your desire for your team

Identify your unique leadership style, approach, philosophy, strengths and weaknesses

Understand your personal blind spots and struggles so we can navigate toward healthier, stronger leadership

Work together to set and achieve goals for yourself and your beautiful team!

how we bring out your leadership

here's what you can expect when we team up:

Natasha Hemmingway, sales coach & speaker

Being an entrepreneur is one thing, but being the CEO of your company is a totally different thing. That’s exactly why I hired Kaylan. I am now the CEO who has hired a team member to help me strategically run the business… so that I can serve more people, impact more lives, and ultimately make more money.

Emelie sanders, CEO of unpopd

Here's the deal  - I have, in the past, hired two people and it went incredibly bad. However, Kaylan met me where I was. I have acquired so many tools and skills through working with her. I was able to onboard and hire an intern very successfully. My intern is freaking THRIVING!

Abbie smith, paragraph branding house

I KNOW I'm going to be so good at this! I'm going to make a great leader, and I'm so sure my team is going to be fun and engaged. This process has me thinking about the future much more, and this growing confidence has been looking at my business with a CEO mindset rather than a "slave to the to-do list" mindset.

Mandi holmes, she can coterie

Because of Kaylan I am better able to lead my company. She helped me align my strength and passion, step into the role of CEO & find JOY in my business again. 



We will meet monthly for 1-on-1 coaching sessions to set goals, work through your leadership sticking points, talk about ways to uniquely support your team, and explore and cultivate the depths of your leadership!



The leadership experience can feel daunting and overwhelming, but I'll be there in your pocket as you dig deep into your leadership and pour into your team! You'll receive support via unlimited Voxer messaging between our sessions!

1-on-1 support


You'll have immediate access to the Joy to Lead® Academy course and curriculum — including modules and resources for hiring, teambuilding, and leadership growth. 

Academy access

One (1) 90-minute leadership coaching session per month, for an initial commitment of 3 months  

Unlimited Voxer support through the month in between sessions

Full, immediate, and lifelong access to the Joy to Lead® Academy course and curriculum

1-on-1 Leadership Coaching 



$800 USD/mo


for an initial commitment of 3 months, then month-to-month