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Don't build your team alone. Join a community of leaders growing teams from the ground up to build relationships, grow in wisdom, and make decisions that build your team and your business.

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Don't do leadership alone

Don't do leadership alone! Founded by leaders and for leaders, this community exists to provide joyful, welcoming, and supportive fellowship for women leading teams.

Get group coaching and support as you navigate the highs and lows of leading, hiring, and managing a team.

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Inside the Community

Monthly group coaching - live!

Connect with other leaders in the community and do life and business with us!

Regular co-working & book discussions

Access educational and growth-oriented resources that aren't offered anywhere else.

Exclusive mini-courses, challenges and guides

And my dream is to build a joyful, supportive and welcoming safe harbor for leaders who no longer want to feel alone. 

I'm creating the community I've always craved - one that deeply believes in each other, craves vulnerability, sees the heart and human in one another, shares willingly and openly, and gives with open hands.

I've been educating and coaching leaders just like you for several years, and I've realized that we leaders deeply need a place to call home

Leadership is challenging, isolating and dynamic. It's different every day. My hope is to create a safe place for you to call your leadership home. 

I'M Kaylan