team building consulting

for women ready for a promotion

Break the solo hustle-cycle, hire your first employee and give yourself a promotion so you can serve more clients!


I know what it feels like - like you just can't be present with your family because you're thinking about work, and you can't fully be present when you're working because you're dreaming about being with your family. You're overworked, overstretched, and you aren't able to give your best self to any of your priorities. You come up drained again and again, no matter how hard you try. 

Let me pour some hope and encouragement over you. You've been putting off hiring for too long. You have the funds, you have the space, you have enough work to go around. My friend, you can do this. YOU CAN LEAD AND LEAD WELL. 

it's time for your team

- mandi holmes, she can coterie

You want Kaylan in your corner. She is able to capture your vision and see beyond what you can see for yourself.

Sound familiar?

that you're ready to get help, but are worried about trusting someone to enter the fold?

do you find...

planning to make your first hire within the next year but worried about how you'll financially bridge the gap?

are you...

to do more than just get tasks off your plate but create OPPORTUNITY for others?

do you want...

Being able to rely on team members you trust so you can FINALLY take amazing vacations with the ones you love most

Just imagine...

Increasing your profitability because you no longer have to do busywork that drains you - you can do what you do best

Finding your tribe, finally having someone you can dream with, bounce business ideas off of. You're no longer in this alone

Living deeper in your purpose and actually doing the hard, beautiful work you were meant to do. And seeing your business grow because of it

Ground your company identity & core values

Strategize profitability by crafting company job descriptions

Prepare for successful interviews & hiring process

Welcome your team member with a 90-day plan for success

Enter my 4-part framework

how we prepare for your hire:

- Ali cranmer, Simpler with ali

kaylan is going to help you make a plan for hiring the right team members who love your business just as deeply as you do.

this is just for you if...

You're sick of doing it all ALONE, never relaxing, and feeling like your business controls you 

You are planning to make your first hire in the next 6 months to 1 year

You're not just looking to get tasks off your plate, you're wanting to create opportunity for others through your business

You truly believe that MORE is destined for you and your business, and you're willing to do the hard work to get there

You are eager to lead a team, but you're wondering HOW you can TRUST someone to enter the fold and have impact

You are ready to grow into the leader you know you're being called to be, and you want to raise up leaders in your wake

How my program works:

step one

Through 4 bi-weekly sessions, I'll walk you through my framework. We’ll make a plan for instilling and protecting your identity while growing your company. Then, we'll determine your opportunity for profitability & how your new team member will support your business. We'll prepare you for knock-out interviews. And finally, we'll map a 90-day plan for your team's success!

bi-weekly sessions

step two

I'll compile my notes, insights and custom advice into a personalized step-by-step action plan. You'll head into your hiring season with a custom hiring manual tailored to the strategy we develop together, the promotion you'll be giving yourself, and the support you'll be bringing onto your team. You'll navigate hiring with confidence and joy!

hiring manual

step three

The fun - and support! - doesn't stop there! You'll receive continued support from via 90-minutes of consulting sessions to 90-minutes of Voxer support (or email if you prefer!) as you embark on executing your hiring strategy. The hiring process can feel daunting, but don't worry one bit - I'll be here to support you as you get out there and do the hiring!

1-on-1 support

4 bi-weekly consulting sessions & access to recordings

Access to all of my hiring & interview templates & workbooks

90-minutes of continued support via consulting sessions as you navigate the hiring process

AND 90-minutes of continued support via Voxer or email

My signature consulting package


Confidence & a plan of action to make way for your future team member!

you'll leave with:

i'm so ready!

This is the a one-time investment for the length of the package. Payment plans available. 



Dream to Team