Clinging to Purpose & Communicating Your Message with Elise Hodge


Clinging to Purpose & Communicating Your Message with Elise Hodge

April 14, 2020

Elise Hodge, copywriter and founder of She Is Light, joins me on the show today to talk all about purpose! We also talk about staying true to your vision by building a community around your message.

This episode comes at the perfect time, I know because my heart needs this exact conversation right now!

Clinging to our purpose, staying true to our vision, and wholeheartedly communicating our message to serve others is what’s going to pull us through in this rough season right now as we navigate Covid-19 and its effects.

I hope and pray this conversation breathes some fresh air into your spirit and rejuvenates your energy around your business. I pray you regain your passion to stay connected to your vision and community – we need your voice and presence!

Listen to the episode now!

What is purpose, and why does it matter?

Elise says her journey was born out of a single question. She felt and asked, “Lord, what more do you have for me?”

She knew that her current reality was not all that was destined for her, so she simply got curious and leaned into that curiosity whole-heartedly.

I ask her what role purpose plays in building a business and she says, “Everything. It’s absolutely everything.”

It’s constantly asking that question, “what else do you have for me?”

Right now, I know this question can help us feel free – even as we face chaotic world realities. Knowing that there IS more for us and leaning in to that curiosity can help us rise mentally and emotionally above what we’re currently facing and be open to seeing the possibilities around us!

What else do we chat about in this episode?

  • Elise shares about how we can tactically discover our purpose in life – this opened my eyes and my heart in a brand new way!
  • She shares about how we can seek and find purpose in every area of our life!
  • Elise breaks down the practical ways she structures her days and morning routines so she can live every day intentionally
  • We even talk about how to communicate your vision and purpose with your team and community
  • She also shares a behind-the-scenes look of how she has pulled in strategic support to grow her thriving communities

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