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3 Steps to Go From Your Dream to Your Team with Systems Saved Me Podcast!

October 23, 2020

I had the privilege of talking to Jordan Gill on her Systems Saved Me podcast – and we discussed the 3 steps that will help you go from your dream to your team.

Jordan’s podcast is amazing and I had such a great time talking to her on the podcast!

Listen to the Systems Saved me Episode Here!

Step 1: Cast the Vision for Your Company

This means casting a long term vision. Decide what you need form your team members and determine how the world is going to change based on the work you plan to do.

Then determine what you are doing now with your time, money, and knowledge. These three resources are the core of building a business.

Step 2: Shape Your Own Role as a CEO

Nowadays people dont really know what a CEO does. Being CEO is a different way of thinking.

The minute you open the doors to your business you need to start functioning as a CEO. CEO’s are the leaders of the future and are the ones that navigate the direction of the company.

It’s up to them to make sure they are steering the company in the direction of their vision. Think about what you are going to be doing more of when you hire somebody.

Your business is calling you to step into a more lucrative role!

Step 3: Identify What Support You Can Bring On

Its important that you can rely on support amongst the members of your team. Think about who and what you need from team members in order for your company to fully function even when you are away.

Don’t build a business on top of yourself, build a team to get the business out of you!

It’s okay to go into the hiring process scared, but pair that fear with strategy.

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