Leadership group coaching

for leaders building teams

Your leadership is your legacy. In this yearlong group coaching program you'll cultivate the skills and knowledge required to attract top talent, lead engaged team members, and scale your business with joy - not overwhelm.

get ready to hire & lead a team you love in one year

You started your business to make a way for you and your family, but now it's pulling you away from the ones you love most. You put in the work, and it's paying off - but now you're struggling to give your best to the things that matter most to you... family, friends, self-care, rest. 

Growth is coming, and you're ready to step deeper into your role as CEO. But to be honest? You're a tad overwhelmed at the thought of hiring, leading and scaling...

The desire and willingness to lead is there, but you crave more. You want to lead a team who is PROUD to work for you, to attract and retain team members you trust, and to become the best CEO you can possibly be. The truth? You can, and you will!

it's time to step into a season of growth!

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- Mandi Holmes, She Can Coterie

Because of Kaylan I am better able to lead my company. She helped me align my strength and passion, step into the role of CEO & find JOY in my business again. 

- Kristen Achziger, Going Ultraviolet

While working with Kaylan, it was immediately so much easier to step into a leadership role in my business and ideas for future team hires began to spring to the surface! My "unqualified" mindset began to fall off. I feel refreshed and reenergized as a visionary CEO, empowered to map out new team roles, and can't wait until I make my first hire!

- Ali Cranmer, Simpler with Ali

Working as a leader with Kaylan gave me an inside look at what it meant to be a leader with passion and innovation. Kaylan not only helped me see my incredible and unique strengths, but she also opened my eyes to how I, too, have the power to be an innovative leader.

5 stars all around


Sound familiar?

yourself feeling stretched to thin between nurturing your family, managing growth in your business and maintaining peace in your heart?

do you find...

wanting to hire a team member in your business within the next year, but worried about leading and trusting someone else in your business?

are you...

to do more than just lead your team and business well, but rise up a legacy of leaders in your wake?

do you want...

Being able to pour into yourself so you can show up as your best self for your team, your clients, yourself and, most importantly, your family

Just imagine...

Increasing the profitability of your company because your leadership fosters true ownership in your team that spurs innovation, creativity and collaboration

Learning how to be a leader who sees the potential in each and every team member and coaches them to bring forth their best self for their team and clients

Living deeper in your purpose and actually doing the hard, beautiful work you were meant to do. And seeing your business grow because of it

Yearlong curriculum designed to deepen the natural leader in you

A year of monthly group coaching sessions + coworking sessions

Monthly recommended reading & book discussion

Quarterly 1-on-1 coaching session with Kaylan!

Network and build relationships with other leaders in our private Facebook Group!

Enter the joyful leader program

how we dig deep:

- mandi holmes, she can coterie

You want Kaylan in your corner. She is able to capture your vision and see beyond what you can see for yourself.

this is just for you if...

You'd love an intimate community of leaders to grow alongside and lean on who also CHALLENGE you to grow

You are in the first few years of leading a team or are planning to hire within the next year

You're really wanting to do life-giving leadership development work but haven't had the space to devote to it yet

You truly believe that MORE is destined for you and your business, and you're willing to do the hard work to get there

You are eager to pour into your team and make them PROUD to work for you

You are ready to grow into the leader you know you're being called to be, and you want to raise up leaders in your wake

How my program works:

step one

Through a year of monthly group coaching sessions, I'll walk you through my hiring framework as well as dive into core areas of leadership development. Curriculum for 2020 includes vision-casting, interviewing & hiring, onboarding new team members, coaching your team as a leader, vulnerability in leadership, hosting difficult conversations, organizational structure & growth, and so much more!


step two

This isn't the kind of coaching program where you fall through the cracks (I've been there, done that, I know how it goes!) Each quarter you and I will have a 45-minute 1-on-1 coaching session together to structure your own growth plan, check-in, and dive into any area of your leadership you'd like to deepen and expand! (Note: 1-on-1 Coaching Exclusive to Founding Members Only)


step three

The fun - and support! - doesn't stop there! You'll receive continued support from me and the other women journeying alongside you in our private group. Plus, you'll have the opportunity to connect and network with other impact-focused business owners like you! We host monthly co-working sessions and a book club experience with a book tailored to each month's curriculum - and feel free to invite your friends!!

intimate community 

The Joyful Leader Curriculum

A year of monthly group coaching sessions

A year of access to our monthly book discussions + coworking sessions

 4 quarterly 1-on-1 leadership coaching sessions with Kaylan

AND a year of access to our community of impact-focused business owners to journey alongside!

group coaching program


Confidence, knowledge & strategies to create & lead your dream team!

you'll develop:

The Joyful Leader

Investment spans yearlong commitment

$120/month for 12 months

$350 quarterly

$1300 one-time

Payment plans:

Enrollment is currently closed - get on the waitlist!