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How to Hire and Lead a Team that ACTUALLY Lives Up to Your Standards

November 14, 2019

Ever worried about how to hire and lead a team you don’t have to micro-manage?

Do you label yourself a perfectionist? Are you convinced if you fire you’re just going to have to follow behind your every employee tightening up their work?

One of the greatest fears that come with hiring is the fear of having to micromanage and the fear that you’re always going to have to follow up behind your team member’s work to make sure it’s up to par.

Have you ever been in that situation? Hired out a project or task and just been bummed that the person didn’t live up to your own standards. Have you ever been burned because you just thought, “I could do much better than that.”

The last thing you want when making a hire is to make MORE work for yourself. You don’t want to feel like it was a total waste of money, time, resources, time and YOUR ENERGY and passion – right?

Today I’m covering the 4 things you need to do to prevent having to spend YOUR time and energy micromanaging and following up with your team.

Note: this content first appeared in video format. If you’d rather watch, simply click the video link below!

How to Hire Someone Who Can Live Up to Your Standards

You might be worried about hiring because you know that you have high standards – and your worst fear is paying someone to not live up to them.

Here are the 3 things you need to do to make sure your hire can live up to your standards:

Create Clear Core Values

Having no core values means you’ll have a hard time determining whether someone even values the same things you do!

What will happen if you bring someone on whose values differ greatly from yours? Conflict and possible micromanaging will pursue!

When I talk about core values, I don’t mean the cliche “we value excellence and honesty and integrity and petting dogs” kinda thing. I mean real, intentional and differentiating core values.

Learn more about strong core values and how to create them here!

Or, learn more here!

Hire Someone Out of Your League

Yes, hire someone who is OUT OF YOUR LEAGUE. Someone who has far greater expertise in the area you’re looking to have support in.

For example, if you’re requiring social media support you don’t want to hire someone who is just as good as you! You want someone who is far stronger and whose zone of genius is in social media marketing.

If you hire someone who does just as good of a job as you in the area you’re hiring for, you won’t GROW. You’ll maintain the same level of impact in business.

You want someone who brings solid processes and deliverables that are far better than yours ever were for this department.

Then, when you hire someone out of your league, you prevent micromanaging because they bring a brilliance you can trust.

Evaluate & Reward Based on Core Values

Don’t let your core values be a mere talking point during onboarding. You want your core values to be so ingrained in your company culture. They are a lens through which you evaluate your team members.

You’re praising your team members based off of how you see them embodying and living out the core values on a daily basis!

Also be sure you’re rewarding based off of core values and evaluating quarterly based off of core values as well.

Then, when it comes down to it, if someone isn’t consistently living out your core values – fire on the foundation of your core values.

If you see a team member struggling to consistently live up to these values, it’s okay to let them go.

It doesn’t mean they are a bad person! It simply means their personal values – the ones that are most precious to them – aren’t in line with your company’s values. That’s okay! However, it does mean it’s time to part ways.

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I'm Kaylan, leadership educator, podcaster & speaker

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