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How to Lead Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere

September 29, 2020

When was the last time you looked down on yourself or told yourself you’re too much?

These questions and thoughts you are having are you being ruled by your strengths, not your weaknesses. 

In this episode we are going in deep and talking about how to hone in your strengths and  leadership skills in order to be able to lead anyone, anytime, anywhere. 

My lack of confidence in my leadership skills was due to me not knowing what foundation I had for the way I lead.

Work shouldn’t be this way. The self doubt and constant struggle of feeling like a fraud in your leadership role is painful, and that’s why I focused on these three things that grounded me as a leader.  

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Here is how I was able to develop the confidence I know have in myself, to lead anyone, anytime, anywhere.

Self Leadership 

I began to really understand who I am as a leader and what my leadership style was. I started to build from my strengths and allowed myself to play with my creative side.

Self Coaching

It’s so easy for us, as leaders, to self coach others, but when it comes to self coaching ourselves, we struggle.

Luckily, I have a formula, that yes, I mention almost every podcast, but it’s too good to not share! 

Performance = Potential – Interferences 

It’s important to remember that the potential you have doesn’t lie in your weaknesses, it lies in your strenghts!

Self Management and Strength Management 

We are programmed to think that what is bringing us down is our weaknesses, but the real villain is the negative manifestation of our strengths. 

As a kid I was told I was bossy, and in group projects I always took the reins and did most of the work because I knew what would get me an A. I’ve come to realize that these were examples of me letting my strengths control me.

There is so much more I discuss in this episode about finding your leadership style and being the confident successful CEO you were born to be!

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