Scaling, Hiring & Team Leadership with Jordan Gill

July 21, 2020

You guys! Today I have one of my biz idols on the show, Jordan Gill of Systems Saved Me. Jordan is an expert on all things systems and helps overworked one woman shows, become streamlined solopreneurs.

Today we dive into how she has grown, developed, and managed her team so that she can step into the CEO function of her business. She’s also sharing how she has set her hiring system up to go beyond growth and into scaling.

Jordan Gill

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In this episode, we cover:

  1. The importance of managing expectations, and how Jordan has learned to do so for her team
  2. How Jordan leverages personality assessments and peer-led interviews through her hiring processes
  3. The process of how Jordan has duplicated herself and her expertise so that she’s not constantly trading time for money
  4. What has worked time and time again for Jordan through years of team-building
  5. Jordan’s go to interview questions
  6. The intentions and traits that help Jordan excel as a leader
  7. How flexibility in job description leads to less turnover
  8. Who Jordan is learning from lately


“I see my business as a playground for a bunch of dope scientists in their own right.” Jordan on the purpose of her team

“It’s been a seamless process and I am grateful for that, it’s been all about managing expectations.” Jordan on creating a smooth transition for her clients

“Don’t let someone else’s story affect your hiring decision.” Jordan on what to look out for during an interview

“Whatever experience you’re hoping to get out of your position, that’s exactly what I want for you.” Jordan on supporting the growth of her team members

“If something is clogging the wheel, change it.” Jordan being open to innovation

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The Kolbe Assessment

Who Jordan is loving learning from right now

Mariah Coz

Jenny Singh

Sara Blakeley

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