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About Joy, and What to Expect from the Joy to Lead® Brand From Here

April 20, 2022

In this episode of the podcast, I’m discussing the concept of joy, and sharing what you can expect from the Joy to Lead® Podcast and Brand going forward.

Where Joy to Lead® has been over the past year

Following a difficult maternity leave, I’ve stepped back in many ways. I’ve had to focus on healing, so I’ve had to strip away as much as I can in order to build back better than ever.

In this journey of restructuring, healing, and finding renewal, I’ve learned more about joy than I ever have before.

Perhaps the number one thing that has helped in my healing journey – spiritually, mentally, physically, emotionally – is walking without audio—just getting outside to observe and stop the rush of input. On these walks, I found myself anew.

What you can expect from the podcast going forward

Joy is a huge component of my brand, it’s Joy to Lead. But, I need to come clean and say that I don’t believe we have been honestly talking about Joy on this podcast. That is because I don’t think I’ve honestly understood the depth of what joy is until this season.

We are heading toward more real, deep, raw conversations about what joy is and how to find it. If you expect to lead people into a brighter future but you struggle with maintaining joy, what kind of future are you leading them toward? You’re just helping them manage projects and tasks that maintain a status quo.

We as leaders have to tap into vision, and vision is prophesying a better future. It’s casting our mental vision into the future, scouting it out, seeing what’s there, taking note of the landscape, and communicating that to the people around us. Then, communicate why they should care.

If you struggle with understanding joy, you will struggle to lead consistently and effectively. It will feel like a burden.

Truths I’ve discovered about joy

Here are the three truths I’ve come to discover about joy in this season.

Joy and fear go hand-in-hand

It’s is not only the opposite of fear, it is the antidote to it. They walk hand in hand, and it easy to slip between one and the other.

Fear is looking into the future and feeling insecure because of the unknown. It is the belief that you will be insecure in a future that is unknown to you.

Joy, on the other hand, is rooted in a security that goes deep into your identity. It is rooted in a knowing of who you are. Even if you don’t know what’s in the future, joy says, “I know that nothing can change who I am, what I value, and my calling.”

It comes from the belief that you can exist in whatever future tomorrow brings as the same person you are today. It’s is a knowing of who you are.

Joy is found in curiosity

We cultivate joy by meeting ourselves. It’s opening up the door of curiosity into who you are – what are you here for? What is the purpose of being you? We follow our curiosity by letting ourselves be bored and playing and creating.

Joy can be practiced – even when we don’t feel it

It can be practiced even when – especially when – we don’t feel it. Cultivating practices of joy means you understand what actions, or lack thereof, help you step back into alignment. For me, journaling helps me align when I am feel anxious and overwhelmed. Walking without audio helps me align when I am stressed, angry or overstimulated.

What you can expect going forward

Going forward, you can experience education and community with Joy to Lead® in two distinct ways. Through the Joy to Lead® Academy you can equip yourself for leading a team with our courses on leadership, team management, and recruitment and onboarding.

In the Joy to Lead® Community, launching May 2022, you can immerse yourself in a supportive, welcoming and bolstering community of leaders. In this membership community we have live coaching sessions every month, regular co-working and book discussions, and drop exclusive mini-courses and guides. This is the place to be if you’re craving a pillar of stability, support and encouragement from other leaders who are walking this crazy leadership journey alongside you. We hope to see you there! Get on the waitlist today!

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