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From Stuck & Burnt-Out to Transformed, Unleashed Leader with Kristen Achziger

April 16, 2020

Join me and my friend and client Kristen Achziger as we dive into her leadership journey! We talk about how she went from stuck, burnt-out and discouraged to completely transformed and unleashed in her leadership.

Listen is as we talk about joy, breakthrough, identifying our core values to uncover our hidden strengths. We also discuss how to break through the status quo to create our own version of success.

Kristen Achziger

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Kristen Achziger – from burnt-out to unleashed!

Kristen is a launch copywriter and sales strategist helping business owners write humanizes sales copy that converts (I attest – she’s the best!).

Over a year ago, she was running her business on burnout. She was unsure of how to lead as a CEO. She began to notice that she was actually selling, pitching and promoting something brand new every month and that her internal scatterbrain and not knowing how to trust herself as a leader was leaking out in her marketing and the way she was showing up online.

So, as a result, she decided to take a break off of social media – to get quite and consider what was truly going on at a heart level.

Describe the change you experienced during your time off

She realized that in the desperation of growing her business, Kristen had previously listened blindly to the voices of industry influencers. In the process, she said, she was losing her own voice.

“I was getting so overwhelmed and frustrated in that I was doing everything everyone asked me to, and yet it wasn’t getting me anywhere,” she said. “So I decided to get quiet and ask the big questions.”

What did the decision-making process look like when hiring a coach?

Working with Joy to Lead was a direct result of her experience of not hiring in a previous business. Years ago, Kristen led and grew a film business that grew stagnant over time because she was afraid to hire and scale.

Ultimately, she closed the doors to that business. But, as she grew Going Ultraviolet, she knew that in order for her business to stay alive she would need to hire and build a team she loved.

“When I was encountering burnout last year and racing the clock,” Kristen said. “I just knew in my gut that not only did I have to trust that what I had to sell was valuable, and trust my own voice and be bold and authoritative in my industry, but I also needed to approach what held me back a few years ago.”

She knew she didn’t want to make the same mistake twice, she said. She knew she needed to make a different decision – “and I think that’s leadership.”

“It was leaning into the future that I couldn’t see yet,” Kristen added. “So I had to be willing to cast a vision – which is what leaders do – for my future in order to say yes and to step out in faith to try something that would expand my business.”

What else do we talk about in this episode?

We talk about how Kristen deepened into her own unique leadership style, as well as:

  • How she began to cast vision for her team and her own leadership style
  • What does freedom in leadership and business look like for Kristen?
  • Her favorite parts about working with a leadership coach
  • How she uncovered her own core values and the powerful ripple effect that had in her business

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Crafting a 90-Day Onboarding Plan

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