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Identifying Your Rebel Streak & Leading with Confidence with Kristen Achziger

January 14, 2020

Today, on Episode #3 of the Joy to Lead Podcast, I’m interviewing my dear friend and hiring strategy client, Kristen Achziger of Going Ultraviolet.

We’re talking all about how to identify the strengths, beliefs and internal values that truly set you apart – and how to stand confidently in them to lead a community and team!

Kristen Achziger is a copywriter and sales strategist helping small business owners write humanized sales copy that converts ethically. Keyword, ethically.

Kristen has identified one of the most critical mistakes we make when launching or marketing our offerings as a failure to give value and has built her copywriting, business and sales copy template shop on the belief that if we want to make more profit and book more qualified leads, we must serve our clients to the sale in the ways we write content.

Kristen Achziger

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Kristen’s journey began in the film industry

She started her business around 2012, creating documentaries and wanted to create a production agency, Kindred Cinema.

Burnout ensued as she fell into the trap of solo-hustling way too long. The fear of letting someone else into her business kept her wearing all the hats, playing all the roles for years.

The end result? She decided to close up shop in 2017. “It was a very emotional experience to shut down a business that I was so passionate about,” she said. “Like I felt like I had failed at something. But through taking a break and figuring out how to rest, how to fill up and how to recharge, I was able to come back in 2018.”

This is when she started her ethical sales & copywriting business, Going Ultraviolet because she realized her love of storytelling was the base of everything.

“It didn’t matter the method, the story was always the answer,” Kristen said.

How to discover and lead from your Rebel Streak

Kristen identifies our rebel streak as something that sets us apart from our competition and others in our industry – not necessarily that punk goth kid from high school who played a killer game of dodgeball during rec.

“So when I think about rebellion,” she says. “I think about getting to the truth and not the mapped-out path that somebody has carved for you.”

If the truth means going off the path, then follow that truth. Don’t stick to the path just because it’s the path.

In business, rebellion means many different things, like:

  • Trusting your inner voice instead of only trusting the voices of experts
  • Being willing to say ‘yes’ when others say no’, OR
  • Taking the chance to say ‘no’ when others say ‘yes’
  • Being willing to risk what hasn’t been done before because you know it’s possible
  • Not staying comfortable in the status quo but choosing to be vibrant and alive and awake

What else do we talk about in this episode?

Kristen opens up about how she discovered her own rebel streak and what hers is as well as actionable steps each of us can take to discover our own and stand in confidence as we lead others.

We dive into following and trusting our gut rather than relying 100% on the voices of industry experts – and how to vet the incoming information we receive.

Kristen also shares some deep, inspiring wisdom on the concept of courage and what it looks like practically as we step off the beaten path and lead from our rebel streak.

We also talk about how Kristen is preparing to hire and lead her future team!

Connect with Kristen!

You can find Kristen Achziger at www.goingultraviolet.com and on Instagram @goingultraviolet

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