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Using the Enneagram to Strengthen Your Leadership & Team with Kristen Edwards

July 6, 2021

Today Kristen Edwards, leadership and enneagram consultant, will share how you can use the enneagram in your team building process, to deepen your awareness of your leadership style, to impact and influence the way you show up as a leader and to increase the way you nurture your team. 

Kristen Edwards is the host of the Amplify Ambition Podcast and combines her Bachelors in Organizational Communication and Masters in Psychology to help businesses build productive and inclusive strategies by leveraging their enneagram types. 

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Kristen Edwards Believes the Enneagram is Important for Self Awareness

Kristen says we tend to think of the enneagram as a cute and fun personality test but it is actually a psychology backed tool. Many of us are introduced to Myers Briggs or the DISC assessment and we use those findings to determine our future but neither of those tests are psychologically backed. 

The enneagram tells you why you do what you do. It goes into detail about your motivations and triggers. It is all based on your psychology. Your core number changes even when you may give off a different number under certain circumstances.

Kristen Edwards Breaks Down the Triads of the Enneagram

The enneagram is broken down into 9 different types. From those 9 types there are three triads. Before trying to discover what test to take and what your enneagram number is, first look at your triad. There is the heart, head and body triad.

Heart: Led by your feelings or emotions. Your heart guides how you think or do things. 

Head: Your thoughts guide how you feel or act. 

Body: Physically respond and then your thoughts and feelings will catch up to you later.

Kristen goes on to explain that you are still human and you can’t remove your thoughts, actions and feelings from how you do things but there is always something that guides you first: head, heart or body.

Knowing Your Triad Can Help Determine Your Type:

Twos:: Helpers

Threes: Desiring to Achieve and Success

Fours: Go out of their way for everyone to see how unique and special they are from a situation

Fives: Investigator and have all the information.

Sixes: Guardian, loyal and protective primarily of themselves so they will do anything to keep others close to them

SEvens: Known as the party animal, multipationate, spontaneous

Eights: Known as the control freak. Wanting order and things done their way.

Nines: Peacemakers. They go out of their way to avoid conflict.

Ones: High standard of excellence. Known as the idealist, reformer or perfectionist. They see things as right or wrong and fight to find that middle ground.  

With each enneagram, they have their good and bad but the main thing is to focus on the intention behind each type. When you look at your core type, you have to also recognize there is a healthy and unhealthy area of each number. That is where the arrows come into play. The number to the right of the arrow is your growth number of when you are at your best. The number to the left of the arrow is your stress number or when you are at your worst. Your core number never changes but your stress and growth happen in different seasons. Next there are wings. It is the number to the immediate right or left of the circle for your core number.

Your Enneagram Type Can Affect Your Leadership Style

 “If you don’t trust yourself, then how are you going to show up and be able to trust your team? And  if you don’t trust your team, then you shouldn’t have hired them and you are not ready to be a leader.” – Kristen Edwards

Kristen explains that as a leader you need to clearly speak your vision and expectations to your team while also listening to your team members if they are telling you that they can or can not do something. Your enneagram type will play a part in how you communicate these things to your team. Pairing the enneagram with a coaching relationship with your employees will give you a great foundation for leading them uniquely. 

Kristen Edwards Explains How The Enneagram Can Compliment Team Building

Do not use the enneagram test during the hiring process. Being a certain type can not determine if someone is a good fit for your team. They should be hired based on their qualifications. You should use the enneagram during onboarding and team building. Kristen explains how you can marry certain types together so that they can build a strong relationship and collaboration. You do need to recognize and remember that people go through different seasons of life therefore they can be a very healthy or unhealthy version of themselves so take the person for what they tell you. People will also show up a certain way based on how much you allow them too. Use the enneagram to feed your curiosity and to serve your team rather than feed assumptions. Use it to fuel the way you coach and lead your team members. 

Books and Tests Mentioned in the Podcast:

The Road Back to You by Ian Cron

Bringing Out The Best in Yourself At Work by Ginger Bogda

CrystalKnows Test

Truity Test

Connect with Kristen

Instagram: @coachkeds

Website: www.kecoach.com

Free Enneagram Masterclass: Https://kecoach.ck.page

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