Building A Dream Team and Making Your First Hire with The Busy Years Podcast!

December 11, 2020

I had the honor earlier this month to be featured on Michelle Hagan’s The Busy Years Podcast– and we talked all about building your dream and making your first hire!

As a mother and businesswoman myself I have loved listening to Michelle’s podcast where she brings together women to share their stories about motherhood and business.

So stay tuned and check out the episode I did on her podcast that is jam packed with helpful tips and information for all you boss mommas out there!

Listen to the episode now!

Hiring Your Dream Team

As you begin hiring your team you are now a people manager, and you need to prepare for that. Don’t wait to hire team members until you are feeling anxious and stressed. Right when you start your business, set some money away every month so when you are ready you can begin proactively hiring. 

Hiring is what you do when you are ready to build a mountain, not just because you want to fix a problem. By starting a business you need to be able to anticipate that your company will grow. 

It’s so important to always make sure you are ready to hire. Map out all the roles in your company and understand everything that needs to be done when you start hiring. This helps visualize the tasks that need to be done by you and what can be done by your future team members. As a solopreneur it will also help you visualize what areas you want to step out of. 

Build your team at the top of the foundations of your business model, not around yourself! You want your team to be able to function without you. Be vulnerable and let your team know why you need them. 

What else do we talk about in this episode?

  • The changes I’ve seen in my business after having a kiddo 
  • Learning to set and establish boundaries between motherhood and business
  • What business looks like for someone who is ready to begin hiring
  • Preparing for your new role as a leader 
  • How to stop micromanaging your employees
  • Learning how to hire based on purpose

Building your dream team and hire is possible! It’s all about planning, execution, and passion!

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