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Measuring Non-Scale Victories in Leadership

November 3, 2021

What are your non-scale victories? In today’s episode of the Joy to Lead® Podcast, we’re exploring new ways to measure and track our victories aside from pressured metrics like revenue and team size.

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Hello, hello, and welcome to a refreshed new episode of the joy to lead podcast, whew I feel a little rusty, this is my first episode back from maternity leave.

Maternity leave just ended yesterday. And I am so glad that I took this time. Because I can’t imagine
leaving a call with clients or even being here on the podcast back in July, or even August. Because I feel like even just now my brain is just now coming back to me. And if I feel a little resting a little shaky, even right now as I’m talking, because my brain is so not used to saying words and being creative, I feel like I’ve been walking this line between having enough creativity in the moment but not having time. And then having time but no creativity in my brain is dead.

So man, motherhood with two littles is a whole different ballgame, which leads me to what to expect from this podcast going forward. And that is, I don’t know, I know that it will exist, we’re going to keep on trucking. But in terms of what episodes are going to look like in this season, they’re going to be what I can produce in the time that I have. So often, episodes in this coming season are going to be pretty short, they might be pretty to the point, I might be sharing journal prompts, I might be sharing just a thought to really sit with and soak into.

I’m going to try and make them as potent as I can in the time that I have. So you may expect episodes around five minutes long, even maybe shorter, I’m not sure. They’ll probably ebb and flow every now and then we might get a 15 minute or a whopping 20 minute episode. But I’m so glad that you’re here. And I’m so glad that you’re bearing with me in adjusting as I go through these seasons, and can produce what I can produce. So let’s dive in. Today I want to talk about non-scale victories and I’m gonna explain what that means in a second. If my husband’s listening to this, hey, oh, he’s probably super pumped that I’m talking about this.

I started about two and a half weeks ago, I started 75 hard challenge. And it’s not a weight loss challenge. It’s not a diet challenge. It is a mindset challenge. In it, you do several things every single day you drink a gallon of water, you follow a diet, a diet plan of your choice. I’m doing Carbonite. If you don’t know what that is, you should check it check out the carbonite solution. I feel amazing. It is ultra low carb low carb through the week. And then on one day of your choosing you load up on tons and tons and tons of carbs to reset your hormones. And then you go straight back into ultra low carb. I am feeling great. And my my supply is awesome for breastfeeding and I have so much energy and I feel like I should have done this much sooner. On top of that you have to read 10 pages a day. You need to take a progress pic. Because it’s all about reshaping your mindset growing in confidence and really accepting yourself as you are every single day. And I feel like that piece alone the progress pic has done wonders for my mindset. I look at myself I appreciate myself. I find things to love about myself every single day. And I’m not ashamed of looking in the mirror. Anyway.

Like there’s another thing Oh, two workouts every single day they have to be 45 minutes each. Not 44 and a half 45 on the dot. One of them has to be outside unless there is a hurricane or a tornado.

Just shy of those. Those things you’re outside for 45 minutes. I feel like I’ve been lucky because it has been the changing of the seasons. It’s been pretty nice outside today was the coldest it’s been I think I do need to put on some gloves next time around but it has been so nice.

One thing that my husband, he is a health and wellness coach, if you don’t know our story, you probably don’t have really talked about it too much. But he was my personal trainer, and we fell in love. Oh, so I always joke that I, you know, won the jackpot because I got to marry my fitness coach. And now I have a fitness coach in my back pocket
for free.

But he always talks about no such non scale victories. Because time and time again know, when we’re in a phase of trying to eat better workout or, you know, just getting fitter, we go back to the scale, we look at the numbers, and see what they’re telling us. And that’s great. That is one great way to track your progress. But if you’re like me, and you’re undertrained, and your body just wants to, you know, get back to where it wants to be. I’m losing a lot of fat, but I’m also gaining a lot of muscle. So the scale is really jacking up my mind, because it keeps going up and up and up by looking in the mirror. And I’m like, what’s going on? I look like I’m the fittest I’ve ever been. And it’s because my muscle was going up while I’m my fat is going down.

And my husband keeps saying, look at the non scale victories, non scale victories, the non numbers, what do you see? Well, I can see that, you know, it used to take me about an hour to walk two miles. And now I can get two miles in in under 45 minutes. My pace, my natural pace is faster. I’m looking at, you know, my habits, my sleep habits, my my ability to manage stress, I’m looking at my water, my natural water intake, it’s getting easier and easier for me to drink a gallon of water, my mind feels refreshed more and more often, because I’m taking time out of my day to read. I feel happier, as a mother, I’m nicer to my kids, I’m nicer to my husband. All of these things shape up a wide landscape of amazing victories that are so much more important than this scale.

I’m gonna tie this in, in a second because I know we’re talking about, you know, our physical bodies right now. This ties into our leadership, and running our business. You know, my non skill victories are increasing my walking time and my endurance, and my ability to hit my protein goal without counting calories. That’s huge for me. But what are our non scale victories for our businesses and our teams? You know, I’m looking at my numbers for this past year. And yeah, my my revenue, the total amount that my business has brought in is far less than it was the previous year. But I am paying, I’m able to pay my family more this year, I am now hitting my income goals for my family.
Because I am now making wiser decisions in my business. I’m increasing my profit margin.
The health of my business is increased.

But if I’m just looking at the quote unquote, scale of my business, which is, you know, last year, the scale for me was, how much money am I getting in? You know, if I just looked at that, I would think, Oh, I’m a failure. But no, I’m looking at my non scale victories. How much am I able to give my family? How much happier Am I in my business? How much happier are my clients? How much more engaged are my students inside the Leadership Academy?
All of these things are non scale victories for me.

And I want you to reflect on what your scale is the thing that you are addicted to monitoring.

Maybe like me, your revenue has decreased but your profit margin has increased. Maybe your team is small, but everyone loves to work together and is hyper collaborative and you guys come up with some best ideas together.

Maybe three clients left you but one dream client came and they’re going to be here for the long haul.
Look at your non scale victories and start measuring them, monitoring them and looking for them and tell me how
How much more satisfied you are and excited you are for your future.

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