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Pt. 2: Knock-Out New Hire Onboarding – the First 90 Days

June 29, 2021

We are currently in a series talking about all things onboarding process. So far we have covered the top 7 mistakes we tend to make when onboarding a new team member and we have covered what we should do during the first 30 days of onboarding a new team member. 

If you haven’t listened to either of those episodes yet, please take a moment to go back and listen to them because today we will be breaking down the last two months of your onboarding process for your new team members. So grab your notes from the previous episodes and lets keep going on perfecting your onboarding process!

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The Onboarding Process Should Take 90 Days

During the first month of onboarding a new team member, we are focused on making space for them to learn and connect with other team members. They are learning their role, tasks, how to integrate into the process but also see the expectations you have for them. They are also connecting with the relationships helping them root them in their role and ultimately build the culture of your team.

During months two and three, you are giving them space to build on what they have learned. This is the time to see what they can bring to their role and make it their own. In the third month you let them go, begin to evaluate and track metrics and see how they do. They should be functioning more independently and likely leading the execution of a project and during this time your job is now to evaluate their performance using the metrics of success  you defined together.

Onboarding Process During Month Two

Your priorities during this time is to help your team members build themself into their new role. Your goals during this month are to help them continue to grow professionally and possibly provide them a project to audit so they can share with you what they see needing to be changed and then what they would do to help make this project better. You want to give them time and space to make the role their own. Continue to communicate your vision for the company and their role in particular. Make space for them to bring ideas for their role as well. This is the time you are going to begin feeling weight being lifted off your plate and momentum being made. 

Don’t assume since they spent the first month learning, they’ll  be mistake free. There will be mistakes being made but it is okay because it means they are learning. Air on the side of grace during month two. Just like in school you first read the textbook, then you applied it, did experiments and then you mastered it. This is the same thing.

Onboarding Process During Month Three

Your priorities are to encourage them to take full ownership of their role and to feel the full weight of their responsibilities, actions and the consequences coming with it. Begin tracking their KPIs. Give them the resources and connections  they need to manage and execute it. 

At the end of the third month, you will give a 90 day performance review. This evaluation is meant for you to share their metrics up against their performance and honestly evaluate it. The new team member should know coming into month three the review  is coming and what you will be doing to evaluate their performance. At the end together you can map out a vision of growth moving forward.

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