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Outsourcing Mindset vs. Leadership Mindset

October 20, 2020

Today we’re talking about something I see far too often – a mindset block that keeps us from leading our dream team no matter what stage of business we’re in.

Whether you’re leading a small team of contractors, a single virtual assistant or a larger team of employees – or somewhere in between – you can develop aspects of your dream team right where you are by shifting from an outsourcing, delegating mindset to a confident leadership mindset!

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Breaking the Outsourcing Mindset

Here’s what I see too often. We’re chugging along as a solopreneur, we pride ourselves in not needing help. Then, we’re sunk.

We scramble out of desperation to find help, and 9 times out of 10 we don’t understand what our business needs to survive, we become REACTIVE and blame the TASKS that are dragging us down. So we adopt an outsourcing mindset and hire someone to simply do that task.

Then, it happens again. And again, and again. And before we know it, we’re the center cog in a wheel managing task masters (and it’s not their fault!).

We hired to get tasks off our plate, but what actually happened was we simply traded doing for managing. And you’re no closer to stepping into the role you dreamed of for yourself.

We begin to resent support, because it’s turning us into micromanagers. We resent support because we’re still the center cog in the wheel.

Ready to Shift Your Outsourcing Mindset?

Dreaming of deep, creative partnerships with team member who are all-in, but feel like you can’t because you’re leading contractors, not employees?

Your dream is right in front of you.

✅ You can bring your team members into the fold and begin delegating outcomes, not just tasks

✅ You can use this time to see who steps up, craves a deeper role, helps you move forward and learn who can be hired as an employee as you grow

✅ You can still coach your team members and help them reach their fullest potential in whatever area they’re working on in your business

Discovering Her Leadership Mindset – Erin’s Story

When you shift away from an outsourcing mindset, you can coach your team member, challenge them, lean on their expertise, let them strategize, vision-cast alongside them, and grow together.

You’re able to do more, and so are they.

I want to share Erin’s story – she joined the Leadership Academy back in May and has been blossoming in her leadership ever since!

She told me that before joining the Academy, she was “feeling like I was the leader of team instead of someone who just hired contractors.”

She was a center cog in the wheel but felt trapped there. Because if you’re managing contractors, that’s just the way it has to be, right? You’re not a leader if you’re not a “boss” on paper. Wrong.

But now, she’s feeling more confident and she’s beginning to align her team with her vision for her business, is leveraging their strengths to pursue that vision, and is building a team of support around her core values.

Tune in to the podcast to hear more of what Erin had to share!

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