4 Things Parenthood is Teaching Me About Being CEO

July 28, 2020

Are you a parent or caregiver? Here are four things parenthood is teaching me that is ALSO helping me build a better company! 

What parenthood is teaching me

👉 Concentrate your efforts, don’t marginalize them

When we try and do everything perfect, we become mediocre in all areas. 

The impact is in concentration and focus – doing less with more power rather than doing more with less power. I don’t try and be the perfect mom/CEO who does all the things, but I know where my strengths are and I lean into them. And I ruthlessly cut out the rest.

👉 Routine protects the flow we need to thrive

I used to think my power was in feminine energy alone, and i tried to reject any masculine energy that came up. I found myself functioning on a pendulum, from strict routine to fully rebeling into the freeflow-zone. Both are full of anxiety. 

I’ve learned that structure, routine and process don’t have to detail my every move, but can protect my time so I can find creative, joyful and energetic flow that I need to thrive as a mom and business owner.

👉 You don’t need to pay tons of money to know how. YESSSS!! I’m a big believer that when you LEARN business principles, you can function off of intuition because you’ve internalized the knowledge. That’s why I don’t really read books anymore – I read used business textbooks. The same applies to parenthood!

👉 Ask for help before you need it⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

The keyword is BEFORE. Before, before, before. Not after you’re overwhelmed, overworked and stressed. Be proactive, learn how to read and anticipate needs – INCLUDING YOUR OWN – before the need is pressing. 

Work from home parents and caregivers CAN build a solid company from home on two hours a day. You don’t have to change your goals, but your timeline may adjust.

It’s all about understanding the company you’re building, solidifying your scalable process, and getting your foundations in place. Once you pave the road, it doesn’t matter how fast or slow you go – you’ll eventually still get exactly where you want to be. 

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