Scaling vs. Growth, and My Hiring Journey

July 14, 2020

I’m excited to say – I am hiring a Marketing Intern! Applications are open, and I’ll be accepting applications through July.

I’ll be sharing more about the process as I go, but before I do, it’s important for us to talk about scaling, how I determined it was time to take this step, and how I identified the position I’m bringing on.

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First, a Note About Scaling

First, A Note About Scaling 👉 As I’ve mentioned before, scaling is simply making the most impact with the resources you have available to you – time, money and knowledge

Scaling is not making 6-figures, running intricate ad funnels, or growing a massive team. 

Scaling does not equal growth (i.e. doing more to gain more, incurring costs and growing revenue at equal rates). Scaling is increasing revenue at an increasingly faster rate than incurring costs

Hiring is a tool that helps us do just that – if we use it wisely and to a defined end. The costly mistakes come when we hire just to get ourselves out of the weeds so we can breathe (don’t hire in desperation – hire proactively!) 

I’ve been planning to hire since I opened my doors. Turning this business into a company with vision owned and carried by a purpose-driven team is my dream, and I’m sure it’s yours, too!

I knew it was FINALLY time to get this process rolling once I solidified my scalable framework, Dream to Team, and created a business structure I could build my team upon. 

I’ve had consistent 4-figure months that have allowed me to hit my own income goals – but I now see and feel that my role needs to shift to a more lucrative one in order to break through (i.e. time spent on more discovery calls and podcasts, not in Canva designing IG graphics)

So, I mapped out my scalable process and structure (something I help each of my clients through in Dream to Team) and highlighted the first opportunity to bring on a team member – a marketing intern!

I’ve mapped out their growth plan as I continue to expand and build out my team over the coming years. This role will grow into Content Manager, then Marketing Director over time!

Over the next several weeks and months, I’ll be diving MUCH DEEPER into this process and share it with you here on the Joy to Lead Podcast – so be sure to subscribe to the podcast stat!

 In the meantime, if you know any college student who is pursuing a degree in marketing, journalism or PR and is looking for an internship with hiring potential – feel free to forward them the link to the job application below!



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