Being Unapologetically You as a CEO with Stephanie Ann Bagley -


Being Unapologetically You as a CEO with Stephanie Ann Bagley

July 7, 2020

Stephanie Ann Bagley is on the show today, and I’m so excited and honored to share this bright light of a CEO with you today!

In today’s podcast, Stephanie and I dive into the joy of entrepreneurship, and how to be vulnerable in business – infusing your personality into what you do without losing your sense of self. GOLD!

This episode is for you if you go through those seasons of feeling stuck in your business – grinding day in and day out, but struggling to see the needle even budge.

Stephanie’s tips and golden bits of wisdom will light a fire of clarity and inspiration in you, helping you break out of that cycle so you can finally get where you KNOW you’re destined to be.

Stephanie Ann Bagley

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Stephanie Ann Bagley’s Unapologetic CEO Journey

Stephanie Ann Bagley is a wife, mother, portrait photographer, speaker and mompreneur coach.

As a portrait photographer, she’s helped over 200 women build their confidence and self esteem through her glamour photoshoots.  After watching all of these women experience a beautiful transformation, Stephanie knew she wanted to impact and help even more women.

In the past year, Stephanie started the Dream Makers Podcast and Dream Makers Membership site that not only help women grow their confidence, but helps scale and grow their businesses as well.

How to recognize and get out of the cycle of hustling

Stephanie dives into how she became a business owner without trading time for money by recognizing her zone of genius (which we all have!). She goes on to talk about how she transitioned out of the hustler role and stepping into a more visionary, innovative role.

What else do we talk about in this episode?

  1. What it means to Stephanie to be a CEO and how she’s growing into that role
  2. How Stephanie made the first steps into becoming an online business owner without trading time for money
  3. Finding where you need to be and what you may have to contract out to get there
  4. What has worked really well for Stephanie in her journey that she’d do 100x over
  5. How to always find joy and adventure in your entrepreneurship journey
  6. The piece of advice Stephanie would give herself and when she would give it
  7. How to say no to own who you are right now and the Imposter Syndrome
  8. Why you need to preprare for hiring at least a year in advance and how Stephanie plans to flourish as a team leader

Resources mentioned in this episode

The E-Myth Book

How the World Sees You by Sally Hogshead

Launch by Jeff Walker

You are a Badass by Jen Sincero

The Go Getter by Peter Kyne

The Amy Porterfield Podcast

The School of Greatness Podcast

The Ed Mylett Podcast

Connect with Stephanie Ann Bagley

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