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Ever feel like your business financials are a messy, overrun closet you’re afraid to open? Is tax planning and audit preparation after thoughts that give you nightmares? If so, today’s episode of the Joy to Lead Podcast with visionary accountant Tatiana Tsoir is for you! Today we’re sitting down with Tatiana Tsoir, author and visionary […]


Tax Planning & Audit Prep for Small Businesses with Tatiana Tsoir

Tatiana Tsoir

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Dondrea Owens stops by the Joy to Lead Podcast to chat all about preparing our finances for hiring and to quell any fears we have with practical and actionable finance strategy advice. Dondrea Owens is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA).  Through her business, The Creative’s CFO, she and her team empower creatives and small business […]


Financially Healthy Hiring with Dondrea Owens

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