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Mapping Your Leadership Style

Ever thought being multi-passionate has held you back in business and entrepreneurship? Taneshia Yerby knows what it’s like to seek your purpose by chasing your passions – and come up flat. Taneshia, the woman behind CEO for Women, is on a mission to help 500 women start businesses built on purpose and faith in 2020 […]


Discovering Your Purpose as a Multi-Passionate Business Owner with Taneshia Yerby

Taneshia Yerby

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Today we’re talking about what you need to do NOW if you can’t afford to hire yet but desperately need support in your business. I recently had an amazing session with a client where I watched her go from completely overwhelmed and confused about hiring to knowing her strategy to get there. It was amazing […]

Hiring a Team

What to Do if You Can’t Afford to Hire Yet – But NEED Help!

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If you’re in a place where you need to hire, the thought of starting the hiring process may seem like another job all in itself. How do you even begin when time, energy and resources are ALREADY tight? I was recently on a call with a new client and we were talking about her fear. […]

Hiring a Team

Frozen from Fear of Hiring? Here are your first 3 steps!

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