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Mapping Your Leadership Style

In today’s podcast episode we are going to talk about what vision truly is and how we can install vision within our teams and within ourselves. Let’s find your vision & give it away! As leaders,understanding our vision is essential. When we understand our vision, it becomes a part of us. It’s a part of who […]


How to Find Your Vision & Give It Away

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In today’s episode I’m getting super vulnerable and sharing my experience on the leadership team of a company that closed its doors. I share about my work background, my leadership philosophy, and what I’ve seen happen when vision and leadership are out of balance in the workplace.  Listen to the episode now! My Leadership Story […]


What I Learned About Leadership When I Was Fired

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Today, on Episode #3 of the Joy to Lead Podcast, I’m interviewing my dear friend and hiring strategy client, Kristen Achziger of Going Ultraviolet. We’re talking all about how to identify the strengths, beliefs and internal values that truly set you apart – and how to stand confidently in them to lead a community and […]


Identifying Your Rebel Streak & Leading with Confidence with Kristen Achziger

Kristen Achziger

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