Tax Planning & Audit Prep for Small Businesses with Tatiana Tsoir


Tax Planning & Audit Prep for Small Businesses with Tatiana Tsoir

January 26, 2021

Ever feel like your business financials are a messy, overrun closet you’re afraid to open? Is tax planning and audit preparation after thoughts that give you nightmares? If so, today’s episode of the Joy to Lead Podcast with visionary accountant Tatiana Tsoir is for you!

Today we’re sitting down with Tatiana Tsoir, author and visionary accountant helping business owners become the boss of their bottom line.

She’s also the author of her upcoming book Dream Bold, Start Smart – Be your own boss & make money doing what you love. And today we’re chatting about tax planning as you grow your team, hidden tax deductions you may be missing out on, and how to audit-proof your business as you grow!

Tatiana Tsoir

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Tatiana’s key to success – be the boss of your bottom line

To be the boss of your bottom line (instead of letting your financials be the boss of you!), Tatiana Tsoir says you have to take proactive control of three things – pricing, expenses and taxes. 

Using healthy, ethical pricing psychology is key to make sure you’re matching innate and perceived value with product or service cost. 

““Price psychology can be used to deceive people to sell them stuff they don’t need, but if used correctly it actually serves both the business and the customer because it creates this match of value and price,” said Tatiana. “You don’t want to be selling great value and your price to seem much higher than it really is to the customer. So that’s where price psychology comes in and gives you the tools to have that match and to be profitable and stay in business and to change the world with your product.”

Knowing what your expenses are and planning them ahead of time, “makes you unstoppable” Tatiana says, because you know what you can afford, what you can’t afford, and knowing when you’re safe. 

“When it comes to expenses, I talk about the numbers because awareness of our numbers, knowing our numbers is critical because it can actually create a business that has to shut down or create a really strong business because it influences everything else. A lot of people often are not aware of what’s happening with their expense. They don’t want to look, they don’t want to know, and hope for the best.”

Taxes are a different animal in that many people think taxes are what they are and you just have to pay them, but there has been a rise of professionals who look at tax returns as an opportunity to save money. Most of the tax credits and incentives that are included in the tax law are actually geared toward small businesses. They have been created to support small business. 

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