Discover new and untapped opportunities to better lean on each others' strengths, support each other in your blind-spots, and how your team as a whole can grow stronger together.

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Team disc reports & analysis

You know your team is great, and that's why you have a gut feeling that it could be EVEN BETTER. You see their potential, but how can we get them there? It's all about removing interferences, navigating blind-spots, and priming pathways for deeper connection between team members - that's where your team analysis comes in!

With a team analysis I map out your team's relationship structure using their individual DiSC Assessments (my go-to workplace personality & strengths assessment). I then highlight individual and collective blind-spots, provide guidance on how to navigate and mitigate those weaknesses, reveal power partnerships to better utilize team members together, and detail the strengths and work styles of each individual so your entire team understands how each other works - and how they can better work together!

The correct answer is, "Heck Yes!"

you know your team is stellar, but could it be even better, stronger and more collaborative?

to better lean on each other, utilize each others' innate strengths, and to support each other in weakness

teams that want...

like deeper potential keeps knocking on their door, they just can't seem to make it happen

teams that feel...

they're stronger when they focus on growing together as a unit, not just individually

teams that know...

who is this for?

- Samantha Johnston, Neapolitan Creative

As I chatted via Voxer with our newest hire, her final reply to me was “And thank you so much for taking the time to do this! It’s really awesome to feel seen and heard.” I thought it was a great testament to you. You helped us to give that to our team. You helped them feel seen and heard. Thank you. Thank you for helping me make my team stronger.

step three

The report itself can be hefty, but don't worry! When I deliver the PDF of your report we will also schedule a debrief call to review your analysis together as well as work through any questions you have after reviewing the report. You'll also walk away from this call with action steps for how you as a leader will begin executing and acting on this new information!

debrief call

step two

Depending on the size of your team, I will take 2-4 weeks to explore each individual DiSC report and create your team analysis - including an overview of each team member's style, how to best partner with them, individual blindspots, all-team strengths and weaknesses, and map out "magic partnerships" between team members!

Team analysis

step one

Once we begin, I will set up each of your team members to receive access to their official DiSC Assessment. They will receive access to Catalyst, an interactive portal where they can learn more in-depth content on their DiSC Style and the styles of others on their team! You will also receive copies of each individual report in our shared Google Drive folder.

Disc assessments

Your DiSC & Team Analysis

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Payment plans available upon request!

$400 usd
per team member

One DiSC Assessment & report per team member with lifetime access to Catalyst

Full Joy to Lead® Team Health & Relationship Analysis

Access to all individual & comparison reports in Google Drive

Debrief coaching call with action steps for implementation!


Team disc assessments & relationship analysis