Organizational consulting

for the business ready to scale

Refine your role as CEO, solidify your team structure, and craft an organizational strategy to scale

without you, your business would crumble

You built a business providing a profitable service, it grew quickly, and now you're the middle-man of an ever-dynamic team. People come and go, turnover is high, things feel chaotic and unstructured at best.

It's time to serve your team and increase collaboration, communication, alignment, initiative, individual responsibility and efficiency. Strengthen your leadership, structure your own role as CEO, pour into each team member's growth and allow them to lead in their zone of genius - your organization will transform.

When we work together, we'll tighten your team, unleash your leadership style, and create an organizational growth strategy for your business to scale.

this isn't sustainable

- mandi holmes, she can coterie

"you want kaylan in your corner. she is able to capture your vision and see beyond what you can see for yourself."

sound familiar?

yourself wishing your team was even more cohesive, collaborative and vision-focused?

do you find...

a CEO or business leader managing a team of 5-10 core team members?

are you...

to gain clear vision for your company so you can put the right people in the right seats (including yourself)?

do you want...

Trusting and relying on your team members to carry your vision as they serve your clients and produce top-tier work as the experts they are

Just imagine...

Increasing the profitability of your company as your team leads in their zone of genius and takes initiative to move the needle forward

Leading a team of shared mission, vision and purpose, a team that naturally collaborates, shares ideas and leans on each others' strengths

Living deeper in your purpose and confidence as a leader, showing up every day knowing just what your company and team need from you to succeed

Define your vision for your team and set a direction for your organizational growth.

Structure your role as leader, refining your key objectives, areas of focus, and discovering your unique strengths as leader.

Evaluate the performance, fit, values, strength and function of your key team members. Our job - make sure the right people are in the right seats. 

Map an organizational strategy that align team functions, creates a clear chain of command and communication, and bolsters cross-collaboration among team members.

enter my team-building framework:

over the next 6 months, we will:

- ali cranmer, simpler with ali

"Working as a leader with Kaylan gave me an inside look at what it meant to be a leader with passion and innovation. Kaylan not only helped me see my incredible and unique strengths, but she also opened my eyes to how I, too, have the power to be an innovative leader."

this is just for you if...

You want to lead a team as committed to your company's growth as you are

You are leading a company with less than 20-25 employees

You want to lead a thriving team that collaborates, leans on each others' strengths and produces great work

You truly believe that MORE is destined for you and your company, and you're willing to do the hard work to get there

You want to support each team member in their unique strengths and lead a team that is proud to work for you

You are ready to grow into the leader you know you're being called to be, and you want to raise up leaders in your wake

How my program works:

Months 1-2

You'll have two (2) coaching sessions per month, either in person in the Nashville area or over Zoom conference calls. Through these sessions we'll define your goals, vision and values for the team you lead; we'll solidify and structure your role as CEO and leader; and coach you to identify and unlock your unique leadership style so you can decision-make and strategize intuitively with confidence.

MONthly coaching

months 3-4

Together, we'll make sure your organization is comprised of the right people performing the right functions in the right seats. Through this process, we will evaluate each individual team member through a provided assessment and all-team consultation call with me. This provides me the connection and information I need to assist you in creating your organizational structure and growth plan.

Organizational strategy

months 5-6

As you structure your team and facilitate the implementation of your organizational strategy, we will continue coaching sessions. You will have me in your back pocket to call on via Voxer, email and continued bi-weekly coaching sessions. Building a team is dynamic and challenging, but I'm here to support you through it!

implementation support

Twelve (12) total coaching sessions and unlimited Voxer support for 6-months

Organizational growth strategy with team member roles, job descriptions, and new hire job descriptions

Team assessments and all-team interview

Training and guidance in conducting an all-team intensive or implementation of organizational structure

Signature coaching package: