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Nurture and strengthen your team as you grow and scale your business

if you're wondering how to build an engaged & sustainable team...

You can lead a team aligned with your vision, mission and purpose. It takes deep, consistent and intentional work, but this work is vital to the health and sustainability of your organization. 

Are you ready to serve your team and increase collaboration, communication, alignment, initiative, individual responsibility and efficiency? Strengthen your leadership, pour into each team member's growth and allow them to lead in their zone of genius - your organization will transform.

When we work together, we'll tighten your team and strengthen your foundation as you scale your business.

you're not alone

- mandi holmes, she can coterie

"you want kaylan in your corner. she is able to capture your vision and see beyond what you can see for yourself."

sound familiar?

yourself wishing your team was even more tight-knit, collaborative and vision-focused?

do you find...

the owner/founder of a small business, leading a team of 1 to 10 employees?

are you...

to gain clear vision for your company so you can direct your team with clarity and wisdom?

do you want...

Trusting and relying on your team members to carry your vision as they serve your clients and produce top-tier work as the experts they are

Just imagine...

Increasing the profitability of your company as your team leads in their zone of genius and takes initiative to move the needle forward

Leading a team of shared mission, vision and purpose, a team that naturally collaborates, shares ideas and leans on each others' strengths

Living deeper in your purpose with the knowledge and confidence that you were meant to lead, that your team benefits from your leadership

Collaboration & individual creativity. Bolster your team in their genius and watch them step up with ideas

Initiative & co-ownership. Trust your team, encourage their leadership and watch them serve your company with a whole heart

Alignment & vision. Encourage vision-casting and lead your team to envision their future alongside yours

Support & communication. Connect and encourage team members to lean on each others' strengths and invite feedback 

enter my team-building framework:

successful, sustainable teams have high:

- ali cranmer, simpler with ali

"Working as a leader with Kaylan gave me an inside look at what it meant to be a leader with passion and innovation. Kaylan not only helped me see my incredible and unique strengths, but she also opened my eyes to how I, too, have the power to be an innovative leader."

this is just for you if...

You want to lead a team as committed to your company's growth as you are

You are leading a company with less than 10 employees

You want to lead a thriving team that collaborates, leans on each others' strengths and produces great work

You truly believe that MORE is destined for you and your business, and you're willing to do the hard work to get there

You want to support each team member in their unique strengths and lead a team that is proud to work for you

You are ready to grow into the leader you know you're being called to be, and you want to raise up leaders in your wake

How my program works:

step one

You'll have access to my team and leadership assessment surveys. Prior to coaching and every quarter thereafter we'll have each team member complete the assessment for review. I'll review and share the findings with you for the purpose of establishing a baseline and monitoring growth as we continue our work together!

team assessments

step two

You'll have access to up to 2 coaching sessions per month, either in person in the Nashville area or over Zoom conference calls. You'll receive my detailed notes from each session as well as regular inspiration sources (I love to curate and send podcasts, articles and helpful books your way!)


step three

Each of my coaching clients receives an all-team in-person or virtual team workshop each quarter! Workshop topics can range from team-building to vision-casting and business planning, to seminar style sessions on a range of topics, to team Q&A's. These workshops will be custom-tailored to you and your unique team's needs!

team workshops

Up to 2 coaching sessions per month

Unlimited Voxer support (with 24-hour turnaround)

Initial and quarterly team assessment

Quarterly team workshop

Signature coaching package:


i'm so ready!

This is a one-time investment for a 3-month commitment. Payment plans are available.


You can contact me here to ask any questions and get more info, or sign up below for a complimentary discovery call!  No strings attached.

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