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How Can I Truly Trust Someone Else in My Business?

February 18, 2020

Trust – it’s one of the biggest mental hurdles I always help my hiring and leadership clients face.

How can you open the door to somebody else and allow them to come in? This is huge. How do you find people that you can actually trust and let go of the reins a little bit? So today we’re talking about trusting other people. 


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Are you about to make a hire?

You’re here because you are about to navigate a season of hiring, and I know that it can feel overwhelming. And maybe you’re even feeling a little resistant.

Many of my clients have been putting it off for far too long. One of my very first clients has been putting it off for like five years and keeping herself up until midnight for so many months on end and suffering from sleep deprivation because she was afraid to hire somebody else. 

I know that this struggle is very real and valid, too, because this is something that you’ve created out of the passion of your own heart and letting go of some of the reins and trusting and relying on somebody else to help grow it to something bigger than yourself is frightening. 

But I’m here to encourage you today and help you learn how to trust somebody else.

So I know that as a business owner, your brand is an extension of your heart and your being. I know, I’m a business owner myself. I know how close it is to your heart. So how can you trust somebody to have impact in your business? What if you let the wrong person in? What if you fail as a leader ? I’m going to help you get hyper clear on your core values. 

How do we trust someone else?

Today we’re going to dive a little deeper. We’re gonna learn – what drives you? Why? What standards will you ask your team members to come in and uphold? And how will you know if they’re succeeding? How will you know if you were succeeding as a leader? 

So you might be thinking there’s no way I can trust anyone in my business and have any sort of autonomy. Or you might even be thinking like I’m not ready to hire because I don’t want to micromanage. It seems like you’re like giving yourself more of a job to do and that you don’t trust anyone but yourself. 

So that’s the question, Really. How can you trust anyone but yourself? Here’s the thing, and this might not be a popular statement moment save anyway. The truth is that you don’t have trust issues or that you’re protective or that you just don’t trust anyone to be as good as you are in your business. 

The big question – do you really trust yourself?

The truth is, you don’t trust yourself. That’s a big statement. But if we dug down deep, that’s the answer we’d find.

If you’re nervous about trusting someone else with your business, it’s because you don’t trust yourself and you don’t trust yourself because you don’t have a plan for success and you don’t have a plan for success because you don’t know what success actually looks like. You don’t know what success actually looks like because you don’t have standards and you don’t have standards because you don’t know your core values and you don’t have core values because you don’t know your identity. 

So let’s dive deeper into why you’re here and on what you’re setting out to do.

So your purpose is why are you here doing the thing that you’re doing? What kind of impact do you want to make in this world if nothing held you back? So go journal about that for a minute.

Number two, what is your mission? How are you pursuing purpose where you are right now using the resources that are currently available to you and the number three. What is your vision? Where?

How are you wanting to expand your current impact by expanding your resources so your mission is what you’re able to do right here and right now, as you pursue your purpose.

But your vision is how you’re going to expand that by expanding the resources that you have available to yourself. That could be your team. It could be your finances. That could be your knowledge and expertise. And then how are you going to use that expansion to expand your impact? 

What is going to drive the values and the standards that you’re asking your team members to live up to?

What are core values – and why do they matter?

Now, we’re gonna talk about your core values. What are they? Why did they matter? You’re going to hear me talk about core values a lot. And you’ve already heard me talk about them a little bit in the previous video.

But core values are so important. These are the bridge that communicates that vision, that purpose, that mission and your standards that you’re asking your team members to hold. If they don’t have these clear core values, they won’t know what they’re striving toward. 

And they won’t know if they are living up to your expectations on a daily basis. So you’ve probably wondered how, as a team leader, you’re going to have to get other people to represent and serve your business well in a way that supports your company identity. And it might even feel daunting.

But like we discussed, having your identity will help ground you as you lead your team in your core values, the stingers that you expect your team to embody and uphold. These are the bridge between that identity that you house in your heart to instilling that identity in your team members hearts. 

So whether you know it or not. You are currently operating under a set of core values of standards that you strive to consistently a pole with anyone who interacts with your brand, whether they are an audience member or a client or alumni defining your core values externalizes the internal standards and provide standards for your team to strive as they continue to carry out your brand experience.

So why is it so important? Why don’t even matter? Core values are so much more than just words. They’re like a way of life. They’re the hill that you die on at every the heart of every company lies its core values, whether they’ve actually defined them or not. There are operating principles that permeate every area of the business. They reflect what’s truly important to your business, and it’s a leader, and there are guide for team member behavior. 

Questions to help you discover your values

So here’s some questions to ask yourself to begin discovering your own core values.

One. What is most important to you in your life? If you had to simplify living down to three simple truths to live by these things are are right and true. These are your northern lights and everything else doesn’t matter. What are those three things? If you had to simplify it down to three things, what would it be?

Number two. What are some values that you practice each and every day, what our values that you would like to live by and that you’re trying and you’re striving for every day. But you’re not achieving consistently just yet, so that certain things that actually matter to you and that you’re working toward upholding number three. What causes do you financially support or strongly connect with and number four who inspires you the most? And what qualities of those people are the most inspirational to you? 

So journaling about this, you’ll be able to go back through in highlight some re-occurring themes that will help show you what your core values are. So take some time and honestly journal to those questions. Um, I recommend journaling because you can actually go back and circle some recurring themes and make some notes, too. So when you sit down, you’re actually writing your core values. 

So journal through these discover what’s in more what is most important to you in the character of your brand!

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I'm Kaylan, leadership educator, podcaster & speaker

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