How to Actually Structure Your Role as CEO


How to Actually Structure Your Role as CEO

April 28, 2020

Our current online business community has a ton of voices chatting about what it means to be a leader and CEO – but there is a major gap in the discussion of the foundational business principles needed to BE a true CEO in action. 

Being the CEO of your business is not confined to certain days or times of the month (no “CEO Days” here, friend)…

Being the CEO of your business and a leader for your team is a mindset – it’s the way you view your business operations as a whole, how you look for and identify opportunities, and how you engage and empower your team to move the entire mission forward.

It’s DNA that you adopt – built from the ground up with a blend of solid business principles and your unique leadership style.

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How to Crack Your CEO Code

Today, I’m here to help you crack YOUR CEO code so you can make profitable decisions that strengthen your team and increase your bottom line. 

(my husband said to add this – and I’m cracking UP)

As CEO, here are three questions you must ask daily. These are the three focus areas you must have to shape your role as CEO:

  1. How can I make my business most effective and efficient today?
  2. How are evolving internal and external landscapes changing the needs of my market and industry?
  3. And, how does my business need to shift or evolve to meet the demands of the future?

You’ll Need to Know Your Leadership Strengths as CEO

To answer these questions accurately and confidently, you’ll need a solid understanding of your unique leadership strengths and style. What makes you YOU? You’ll need to know:

  1. What is your vision for the future, for the good of this world?
  2. What strengths bring you joy and an overflow of passion?
  3. How and WHY do you naturally inspire others?

As the leader of your business and team, you carry the weight of the world on your shoulders. Add to that the daily pile of tasks to get through before you are able to get to the work of the future you crave to dive into (and that your business NEEDS to survive).

I’m here for you!

THIS is why I have opened up spots for 1:1 monthly Leadership Coaching for entrepreneurs. These are for business leaders who want to truly claim their executive role and crack their CEO code. Want to learn more? Inquire below!


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