Firing - How to Let a Team Member Go -


Firing – How to Let a Team Member Go

August 11, 2020

We talk about hiring a lot here on the Joy to Lead Podcast, but something many of us may find we’re ill-prepared for is firing.

What do you do when you decide it’s time to let a team member go, and how do you navigate having that conversation?

In today’s episode we cover how to know it’s time to let a team member go, the 6 steps to take in having that “firing” conversation confidently and gracefully.

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Firing – here’s how

Here are some tips we covered in the episode about hosting a “firing” meeting (and, yes, it does need to be a face-to-face convo!)

  1. Be up front and direct about why you’re meeting. “I called this meeting because I have decided…”
  2. Be clear about why (but not too lengthy) – share 2-3 major, clear reasons why you made the decision
  3. Thank them, specifically, for things they did do well for you/what you appreciate about them
  4. “Do you have any questions before I discuss offboarding?”
  5. Share the steps they can expect to take from here – what will you be sending them, what do they no longer have access to, etc.?
  6. Reiterate how you are grateful for their time/how they specifically served the company, then end the conversation

What else do we discuss in this episode?

  • Communication and feedback through the pre-firing phase
  • Hosting the “firing” meeting
  • What to have prepared before the meeting
  • How to serve the team member through offboarding
  • What day of the week is best to have the meeting, and why

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