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Mapping the 7 Elements of Your Leadership Style

March 16, 2021

In a previous episode on the Joy to Lead podcast, we learned about discovering your unique strengths and using personality tests to supplement your findings as a precursor to understanding your leadership style.

In today’s episode, we’re exploring the components of your leadership style. With so many lists of leadership styles out there, after today’s episode you’ll know to seek out and understand your unique leadership style for yourself so you can become the leader you intentionally want to be.


What is Leadership Style?

There are many different categories of styles, but your leadership style is unique because every human is unique. There is no one-size-fits all lists of actions or best practices that define your leadership style. 

Your style is dynamic because it is built within your subconscious and comes out through your actions and behaviors. Your style is completely founded upon your leadership philosophy.

What is a Leadership Philosophy?

It is your belief in why leaders exist. Why do you believe that leaders are needed? Leaders only exist where work needs to be done. What do you think this says about humans and work now?

What you believe to be true about humans, work and leadership becomes your leadership style. Digging through those questions is how you discover your leadership philosophy. 

How do Your Strengths and Weaknesses Affect Your Leadership Style?

If you want to discover what your strengths are, go listen to this episode, where I provide a step-by-step breakdown on exactly how to identify your own inner strengths.

Once you become aware of your strengths and weaknesses, you will begin to see how each plays a huge role in the manifestation of your leadership style.

They dictate what areas you’re strongest in leading others, inspiring others, motivating others, managing others, communicating with others and connecting with others along with where do your strengths help you thrive in leadership and where can they sometimes hinder you in leadership?

What else I discuss in this episode:

  1. Discovering your communication style and how it affects your interactions with your team
  2. The driving force behind your leadership and how it goes hand in hand with your leadership philosophy
  3. Discovering the inner and outer expectations that you have for yourself and those around you and how those can shape your leadership style.

Links mentioned in this episode

Take the Four Tendencies quiz by Gretchen Rubin to reveal how you uphold inner expectations versus outer expectations.

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