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If you’re a parent, have you ever felt out of place in this entrepreneurial space? Have you felt the tug of that infamous guilt that sits at the crossroads of parenthood and business? If you’ve ever felt out of place, like you struggle to relate to the typically entrepreneurial journey, this week’s podcast episode was […]

Heart Thoughts

Taking a Fresh, Honest Look at Motherhood and Business with Caroline Sumlin

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Are you a parent or caregiver? Here are four things parenthood is teaching me that is ALSO helping me build a better company!  What parenthood is teaching me 👉 Concentrate your efforts, don’t marginalize them When we try and do everything perfect, we become mediocre in all areas.  The impact is in concentration and focus […]


4 Things Parenthood is Teaching Me About Being CEO

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Today I’m interviewing someone I’ve been following for years now, Ashlyn Carter, and I’m really excited to share our conversation with you today. I talk with Ashlyn all about how she’s built her copywriting agency, how she’s trained her team, how she structures her workdays and routines now that she’s a CEO and a mom, […]


Building an Agency & Balancing Life as a Mom & CEO with Ashlyn Carter

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