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Crafting a 90-Day Onboarding Plan

Job Postings that Attract Top Talent

Mapping Your Leadership Style

As the coronavirus becomes a pandemic, the situation is reminding us of a responsibility each of us carries as leaders – to be a pillar of peace and support for our teams through times of crises. In today’s podcast episode I deep dive into six ways we as leaders need to step up and proactively […]


How to Lead Your Team through Times of Crises

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Ever thought being multi-passionate has held you back in business and entrepreneurship? Taneshia Yerby knows what it’s like to seek your purpose by chasing your passions – and come up flat. Taneshia, the woman behind CEO for Women, is on a mission to help 500 women start businesses built on purpose and faith in 2020 […]


Discovering Your Purpose as a Multi-Passionate Business Owner with Taneshia Yerby

Taneshia Yerby

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This is the second installment in my leadership development series, Dream Your Team – all about helping you get ready for your FUTURE TEAM – and today we’re talking about HOW to trust a new hire & team member in your business. Note: This content first appeared as a live video. To check out the […]

Hiring a Team

How to Trust a New Hire & Team Member in Your Business

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Welcome to the first workshop in my leadership development series for online business owners, Dream Your Team!  This series is all about helping you smash the lie that you are not meant to lead, that you’re not cut out to be a leader, that you’re not ready to be a leader, and help you get […]


You CAN Lead: How Entrepreneurs Are Changing Teams as We Know It

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