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Stop Hiring for “Culture Fit” – and What to Do Instead

June 1, 2021

Up until recently, I’ve always believed one of the most important things we should do when hiring a new team member was to search for “culture fit.” We’re told to search for someone whose life purpose and daily actions align with the culture you’re trying to create in your team. 

However, I’m finding and realizing this focus is actually hurting our businesses and inhibiting true culture from blossoming within our teams. So today on the Joy to Lead Podcast we’re discussing why we should shift our focus away from hiring for culture fit, and what we need to focus on instead.

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What Culture Really Is

Culture is a living, breathing organism – it changes and evolves every day. It is built out of relationships and although we have had to reinvent how we connect, relationships are not gone from the workplace.  

This past month, Leadership Academy Members and I read the book The Culture Code by Daniel Coyle. Daniel shared how he believes you can intentionally create culture in your teams. It is not about the things you do. It is about creating an environment that nurtures relationships. 

Culture is not a goal you try and create, but a blend of the relationships coming together and transforming into a living organism that turns into the culture of your team.

Shift Your Focus to Creating a Healthy Culture

A healthy culture is an ecosystem of healthy relationships. The problem is we heavily define our culture from the onset which then inhibits real culture from flourishing. Real culture is healthy thriving relationships between each person. Our main focus should be on how we can  facilitate interaction,  healthy relationships, connection and conversation between your team members.

Vulnerability is the Key to Culture Willingness

When there is a willingness to connect and belong – that is where relationships and connections begin to happen naturally. For a community to thrive without you, there must be a willingness and eagerness for each person to want to connect with the other. 

Vulnerability is the key and first step in a point of connection between two people. All we need in a strong community is vulnerability and the  willingness to belong, connect and enter into a community. This is why it is important to have multiple interviews in your hiring process. If you want to know if someone is going to be a great component for your community, begin by setting the standard in being vulnerable first and sharing your vision for them then ask them what their vision is for themselves. Sharing their vision will not only show you if they will uphold your core values and eagerly step into your community that you are building but also if their vision aligns with yours.

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